Texas Flower Block for Paper Piecing Wednesday…

So somehow Monday came and went without a paper piecing pattern….and so did Tuesday.  Not sure what happened but in Sesame Street styling this week’s Paper Piecing Monday is being bought to you by Wednesday, the colour green and the state of Texas…..

texas flower block

This traditional pattern is called the Texas Flower and there are a couple of variations on this in the older pattern books…but I went with the simpler version.

As with all my Hodge Podge blocks so far you can find the free pattern for this 6 inch block here…. Texas Flower pattern.

8 thoughts on “Texas Flower Block for Paper Piecing Wednesday…

  1. This is gorgeous. I think I’ll pull out my pattern books (when I find them amongst my moved house recently sew room mess) and get some inspiration from traditional blocks during 2016 it’s easy to forget how gorgeous they can be in modern fabrics. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope your health is much improved.

  2. I now know, thanks to the marvels of international block swaps and friendly Texans, that the Texas state flower is a bluebonnet. Is this perhaps a cactus? I like the geometric shapes whatever floral species it is!

  3. I love this little block–it almost looks like Maple Leaf but I think artichoke, too. Especially in that green colorway…Four of them might be a pointsietta too. thank you for that download…i am printing it off for my paper piecing notebook….hugs and Happy Holiday Julierose

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