A Rolling Square kind of day….

Welcome to the continuing saga that is Paper Piecing Monday…. I really did not know when I started this tradition it would last this long and produce so many patterns.  This week I have another Hodge Podge block…and another Rolling block, this time the Rolling Square.

rolling square block

I really love these blocks in miniature and I am hankering to make a mini quilt using this pattern.  There is so much you can do with it… all you need is a pattern sheet and some coloured pencils.  So grab some pencils, print out the Rolling Square colouring sheet and let your imagination run wild. Here is one I made earlier…

rolling squares

Once you have finished playing with colour placement, download the pattern for the 6 inch block and get creating…. Rolling square pattern

12 thoughts on “A Rolling Square kind of day….

  1. Now that I’ve done lots of them for F2F over the last 6 months, I’m a total convert to paper piecing blocks, and quite a few of them have been your originals. So do keep up the Paper Piecing Monday tradition, please! Love this little purple job with its robot in the corner…

    • Wendi… it is sitting waiting to be posted. My bad. I have been waiting for one last little piece of the prize to come in (you may be getting a little more than advertised!) but I will get it to you this week. Thanks for your patience.

    • Rachael I am not sure what it is…. I have only a small 1/8th cut and it does not have any details on it. I bought it recently and I think it is either Michael Miller or Riley Blake. I am sorry I can not be more helpful.

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