Here is to a quilty 2016….

Like so many others I have spent the last couple of days pondering 2015 and looking forward to 2016.  My hope for the coming year is to quilt more, visit the ER less, clear most of my huge pile of WIPs and get this blog re-designed.  To get things started I made a list of my work in progresses… which promptly freaked me out.

I have 11 personal quilts needing quilting including Starry Night …

starry night detail 6

and two of my curved quilts…

curve top detail

I have 9 piles of blocks that need to be made into tops including finding something to do with this collection of blocks…

Starflower block

There are also two Do Good Stitches quilts in need of quilting…

Resizing blocks

and a pile of PMQG quilt blocks that need to be made into tops.  I was so overwhelmed by the task ahead I decided to go to my “happy place” and made some more Hodge Podge blocks….

So for the New Year I have added another six inch star to the collection…

eight pointed star block

This block was is called the Eight Pointed Star in the old catalogs and I see this block as the great grand mother of the wonky star blocks I love so much.  You can find the free pattern for this star here….eight pointed star pattern.

I am now heading back to into the fray and hope to get a couple of quilts basted today.  I made a pledge not to start any new projects for all of January…. I am just going to focus on getting some things finished.  Wish me luck!

30 thoughts on “Here is to a quilty 2016….

  1. Love them all. LOVE the kitty cat gray & Green) block, you can send them to meeeee! lolol.
    Happy New Year and thanks for all you do!

  2. The curved quilt really SINGS! I’m impressed that you had the courage to make a list. The thought of doing that is very daunting to me. You GO Girl!! And I’ll send positive energy so you will have a very healthy year.

  3. I like your plan to not start any new projects in January. I am itching to start a pineapple quilt, have all of the fabric, but have about four almost completed quilts I need to get out of my sewing room. Here’s to no new projects in January!

  4. The elephants! What a gorgeous block. If I can stick my oar in, I’d like to vote for putting Starry Night at the top of the Finishes List. I have adored it from block 1, and it was certainly instrumental in getting me over my funk about paper piecing and into a semi-addiction to it! I hope you’re well again now, and feeling strong – I think you must be, or you wouldn’t be giving yourself a scary list of work like this!

  5. Usually i spend the first three months of the year clearing WIPs and quilting tops but this year I’m leaving the quilting until spring so i can spray baste outside and do them all quickly if possible. So I’m finishing WIPs, sewing BOM projects and using up scraps atm. Your finished tops are all fabulous and you are inspiring as always.

  6. I really look forward to your posts! Your quilts are so colorful and happy. And love that you share your ‘stars’ with us. 1 of my top goals is to make a quilt with them for 2016. If you ever make it to Texas to teach, that would be awesome, please post when & where!!!

  7. LOL – I love that being overwhelmed by your UFOs sends you to your Happy Place to create even more of them. I think you will have to put those into a quilt and name it Happy Place. I still adore your Starry Night top and will love to see it finished. Happy New Year.

  8. I too use January to comb through my projects (cross-stitch, tatting, quilting and Navajo weaving) – so don’t get too down on your list! And what is it about “Starry Night” projects that just won’t get completed? Took me 3 years to cross stitch it for my step-dad…love yours!

    I like “Goals” instead of resolutions. So my “goal” is 30 minutes more a week on weaving and 45 minutes more a week on the quilt. After I get “The Addams Family” costumes designed…..

  9. I love your Starry Nights quilt. It has so much movement. The others are nice too. I have a few WIPs myself. Good luck!

  10. I really want to make this Starry Night Quilt. When I try to email you, my computer tries to connect to Outlook, which I don’t have. I would like any directions, suggestions, tips, etc. for this quilt. I understand you used previous stars, but if there is anything else you can share, I would love it. Thanks.

    • Hi Deana. I do not have a pattern for Starry Night, though I have had a lot of requests lately. It is to crazy a quilt to try and pattern up. There are so many different sized stars in my finished quilt that you can raid my free paper pieced patterns and make what ever stars you like – I have added many more free star patterns since I did this top. As for the sky filler, it can be traditionally pieced as well as paper pieced. I just made blocks…lots and lots of different blocks using lots of different scraps. I made sure in my fabric selection I had some almost black blues mixed in with brighter blues. Variation in the sky makes it pop. The joy of the scrappy background is that you can extra strips of fabric to make the blocks fit together. You could also consider doing the background using improv quilt blocks. As for layout of the stars… I just went with what I thought looked balanced with the stars I had. There were a couple of stars that did not make the cut, but variation in size is important. You will find 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12 inch star blocks on my site but you can print or photocopy any of them to a different size if you wish. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any more questions.

  11. I wish you the best of luck with your personal goal list. But most of all: A good health! Looking forward to seeing those projects pop up again while you are on your way to finishing them.

  12. Wish you a very happy healthy 2016. Happy place is cutting sewing just getting on with it .. put it on the board for now.. while I finish the one that has been there while I made the blocks for the new one .. rotation. Works for me. Luv your work .

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