Cotton & Steel Economy Blocks

This week I managed to finish up my Cotton and Steel Economy block quilt…and I am very pleased with myself.

cotton steel economy block quilt

You see I signed this week for the 2nd Quarter of the 2016 Finish Along and I am determined to get more done than I did last quarter.  I am finding having a bit of accountability in my quilting a good thing… it really is making me conscious of finishing things up instead of just adding them to the large pile of works in progress.

cs quilt detail

This quilt is such a fun one to start with.  I really had a blast fussy cutting up my Cotton and Steel stash.  I had been collecting bits and pieces of the C&S since the line first came out but it was not until I started this project that I realized how well it all works together.

economy block detail

I have used prints from just about every Cotton & Steel line (including some of their new Garland line which has just come out).

quilt detail 2

And definitely have a piece of fabric for all the Cotton & Steel designers.  I must admit for a brief little bit I was thinking that I might hold onto the blocks and wait till the next line comes out and add more to the quilt, but in the spirit of getting things finished, I just put what I had together and called it good.


quilt detail

I kept the quilting simple… lots of straightish lines using the lines in the block as the guide for my walking foot.

cotton steel quilt detail


For the back of the quilt I used some larger pieces of my stash…

quilt back

And to finish it all off I used a navy blue scrappy binding…


So my first finish of quarter two is done and dusted…. now to get another quilt out of my WIP pile and finish it up.  I am highly motivated at the moment…I just hope it lasts.

Quilt Details:

Name:  A Cotton and Steel Economy
Pattern:  7 1/2 inch Economy blocks
Fabric:  Cotton & Steel collections
Finished size:  45 x 60 inches


22 thoughts on “Cotton & Steel Economy Blocks

  1. I made my first quilt 2 years ago and I used the ‘economy’ block pattern – I didn’t really know what I was doing (I didn’t know about squaring up etc) but luckily everything was almost spot on and turned out great. Seeing your beautiful quilt reminds me of that time 🙂

  2. Hi Cath! This is beautiful and happy quilt! There is something with the economy block, that I really like! Perhaps it’s that even the quilt is busy and full of colours, everything is still ‘in order’. I was thinking to make economy blocks for the quilt I have now on my design wall (you can see in IG: nerospost) but then I just put the squares in point. Thank you for reminding me about ec. block – I shall re-arrange my squares and add the triangles. x Teje

  3. Economy blocks in my view are the most underrated, they show case print fabrics beautifully and create such a fabric feast, yours is just scrummy 🙂

  4. Love this quilt! Such a great pattern…it is one of my all time favorites!! And all the cheerful colors…awesome quilt….thanks for sharing!

  5. That navy binding looks so crisp, great accent to the whole quilt. Hope you can maintain momentum. Some days you just have to roll with it.

  6. Absolutely stunning and the colors! oh yeah! Fantastic start to your Q2 finishes – I’ll go share on the FAL fb page!

  7. Finally a quilt and quilting I can relate too, why all of a sudden the whole quilt needs to be quilted? Horrible on a bed, like it soft and cuddly, hahahaha

  8. I enjoyed making something similar (economy block baby quilt) recently for a niece. The fun part is fussy cutting the pictures for the middles, right?
    I stippled mine in big loops, but I like how you used straight lines to quilt yours.

  9. Cath, this quilt is so fantastic!! And your photos are so great, the colours just pop right out of the screen! Love the quilt, and thanks for sharing through the Finish-A-Long!

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