Oh no more stars…

After an extended break from paper pieced stars I am now venturing back into familiar territory.  At QuiltCon I ran into an old friend who challenged me to make a special quilt… my response to that challenge will unfold over the coming months….starting with this block…

adventure block 1

This is an adaptation of one of the blocks I did for my pink Snowball quilt (which means you can use this pattern too if you want to make your own version of my fun modern baby quilt).

block pieces 1

You can see I used my tried and tested technique of marking the colour variations on the pattern.  If you want to make your own block, and do your own markings… you can download the free paper piecing pattern here….Adventure Star block 1

13 thoughts on “Oh no more stars…

  1. Oh my I LOVE your pink snowball quilt! This looks like it will be absolutely beautiful too. Thanks for allowing us to download this block 😊

  2. I can only seem to get page one would love the rest of the pattern, have used other blocks for a modern red, white and black baby, it’s awesome!

    • Hi Colleen. The PDF has two pages… one with the instructions and one page with the pattern pieces. To make one star you need four (4) copies of the second page of the pattern. I just successfully downloaded the PDF pattern from the site, so you should be able to as well. If you continue to have problems let me know and we will find a work around.

  3. Lovely! I look forward to seeing the rest of the challenge unfold.
    Often, in blocks like this, I would be tempted to appliqué the centre. Does the temptation never strike you or is that just crazy talk?

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