Saved the best for last…

So this is my favorite Cotton & Steel quilt I have made so far…. and yes it uses the same block as last week’s quilt – the Ohio Star.  I always use the wonderful tutorial by The Sewing Chick when making this block.

C&S Ohio star quilt

Same quilt block but such a different quilt…. the Cotton & Steel fabric really make this quilt sing…

c&s ohio star detail 3

…modern, bright and fun.   It always surprises me how different quilts can look with different fabric…

ohio star detail 5

This version feels so much more scrappy because of all the different low volume fabric used (there is not one repeat!)…

ohio star detail

Oh and all the colors used… I did have a blast fussy cutting the centers for these blocks…

ohio star detail 4

The beautiful quilting was done by our wonderful guild member Kazumi Peterson, who is so generous to our Charity program with her time and talent.

ohio star detail 2

I finished the quilt with just a solid navy binding… the quilt is so fabulously busy it did not seem to need anything else.

So this is Cotton & Steel quilt number 5 and I have just finished the top for number 6.  I may have a C&S problem and they are not helping at all… have you seen the latest collection to hit stores?  It is called Spectacle and is by the amazing artist Christian Robinson.  Now in my defense I have not bought EVERYTHING they have released but they really do make fabulous fabric.

Quilt Details:

Quilt Block:  12 inch Ohio Star block
Fabric:  Various lines from Cotton & Steel
Size:  60 x 72 inches

42 thoughts on “Saved the best for last…

  1. Oh, I agree, this is the last and best!
    Mr Wombat’s quilt-displaying skills are being carefully honed, aren’t they – have you seen how straight and level those pinkies are?

    • We have another collection of quilts to photograph next weekend and he has been doing pinkie exercises. He is taking his new role very seriously… well as seriously as he can… Mr Wombat says hi by the way and send his greetings to Mr Chiconia too.

      • The Husband of Chiconia returns the greetings! He says “we Quilt Widowers have to stick together, and it’s best to get deeply involved in the process in sheer self defence”.

  2. Oh, I like this quilt (and the pinkies and feet make me giggle). I looked at the Spectacle fabric and was doing fine until I saw the fish fabric! Too cute! Can’t wait to see what you create next!

    • Oh the fish fabric has metallic accents to it… I may have ordered yardage of some of it. I have too many fishermen and women in my family not to hoard some of it. Mr Wombat is glad he made you smile – that is his aim with the pinkies I think… that and it is how you can identify he is behind the quilt.

  3. gorgeous quilt, and I was thinking the same as Kate, Mr Wombat could compete in the Olympics, for quilting holding – those pinkies would get a 10/10 from the entire panel of judges lol.

    • Thanks… there are a lot of colors in this one which is kind of fun. My latest Cotton & Steel quilt top is blues and greens only which is different for me… it was a bit of a challenge not to use all the crayons in the box!

  4. For some reason, your blog keeps popping up on my news feed. And I am so enjoying it! You definitely have an eye for color! I have recently started quilting after a 4 year hiatus. I am raising 7 year old twin granddaughters, but since they’re in school all day, I finally have time. I am not a “green” person, but the green quilt is just gorgeous!!!

  5. Love how the center of the Ohio Star showcases a “subject” square (eye spy maybe). Wicked cute and this inspires me to use the block. I’ve seen “Cotton & Steel” in the Connecting Threads catalog, and did not realize that it was also available in local quilt shops. I’m going to have to go shopping.
    Thanks for sharing your talent. It’s obvious that you love what you do.

    • I do love what I do… I get to play with amazing fabric and color which makes me very happy. Cotton & Steel really do have some fabulous fussy cutting fabric… and it is not always what you expect and it does not always read juvenile which helps make the quilts more suitable for older kids I think.

    • Ah the pinkies… there is no stopping him now… my friend Sam at Hunter Design Studios gave him a badge that says Quilt Famous and he is now asking if he needs an agent…lol.

    • I love me some good sparkle and there is some actual sparkle in the quilt with some of the metallic accents Cotton & Steel use. That would be my one complaint about their lines… not enough glitter!

  6. Absolutely my favorite Ohio Star quilt ever!!!! Just wonderful!!!!! Yes, the fabrics are just yummy! You made them sing!

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to make the photos, make the quilt, and post on the blog!! It is wonderful to know you feel well enuf to do all that. We depend on you!

  8. The quilt looks great! I always love scrolling through your posts as you have such nice pictures 🙂 Thanks for the link to the tutorial. And yes, they are quite different – but I love both of the quilts.

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