Got the blues…

This weeks game of catch up involves a lovely little scrap quilt I made last year…

Irish chain quilt. Scrap quilt. Modern quilt.

The pattern is an Irish Chain variation and I had a blast using all the little bits of blue scraps I had accumulated…and it was surprising how many little bits I had.

quilt detail 2

I used 2 1/2 inch squares for the nine patch block… lots of little bits from mini charm packs I had accumulate over time… and the snowball block started as a 6 1/2 inch square of low volume blues & white prints.

quilt detail 3

Again I was surprised by how many of those I had in my stash.  It always surprises me when I get an idea in my head and then find everything I need in my stash…. though sometimes it disappoints me too as I loose my excuse to pick upnbnew fabric when my stash provides.

quilt back

The back of the quilt was also from my stash.  Awhile ago I picked up a few yards of this wonderful Laura Ashley print at a Thrift store.  I do not often thrift my fabric but I could. not leave this fun print behind…. and as all the quilts are washed before donating I was not worried about using it as a back.

quilt holder

This was actually the last shot of an afternoon of quilt photography.  Mr Wombat was such a good sport… patiently humoring me as I drove around the neighborhood looking for fun quilt locations.  I think sometimes he misses the days when I used to just hang the quilts on the back fence!

Quilt Details

Size:  42 x 54 inches
Pattern:  Irish Chain variation
Fabric:  Mini charm squares and scraps.

20 thoughts on “Got the blues…

  1. It’s lovely. Blue is my favourite colour. We call that pattern nine patch and snowball. It’s a very old pattern and I saw a red and white version on a bed in a historical museum house.

  2. This is a fun quilt and the colors/fabrics are wonderful! Confession: sometimes I “forget” that my scrap bin exists. This quilt is a great reminder that I must dig through it once in a while. Thank you!

  3. Fabulous! I’ve been looking at a Jack’s chain pattern for years and thinking I must do it. Your Irish chain is a good alternative without the Y seams, so maybe it’ll get done one of these years after all. Mr Wombat is looking ultra cool in hat and shades, but I can see he’s suffering slightly from pinkie-fatigue in that last shot…

  4. There is no way my hubby would humour me as often as yours does. I save my requests for emergencies.
    The backing fabric is a gorgeous find! I was in an op shop yesterday looking for a novelty teaspoon (for work – they disappear – I wanted something identifiably mine). Now, I wish I had looked in fabric corner too, but hubby was with me and already starting to roll his eyes …

  5. The quilt is lovely, but what is even better is that I opened your blog and you are back! I’m hesitant to inquire on where folks are that I follow, as life does get in the way of blogging, but it’s really good to see your post again…yes you have been missed!
    I too started the 100 blocks, got to 30, and well, .I’m in a stall. One of my goals for 2019 /2020 Is too finish!
    Happy to see you back!

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