Free Paper Piecing Patterns

Below is links to free paper piecing patterns I have designed or used to make quilts on this site.  Just click on the picture of the pattern you are interested in and it will take you directly to the pattern, either on this site or on outside sites.

Some of the patterns are JPEGs that you can just pull off to your desktop and others are PDF’s that you can download.  Have fun with them.  Create beautiful things.

butterfly block 1
Butterfly block by Lillyella
paper pieced star pattern
Star String Paper Pieced pattern
grey white block
Atlantic Sea by Quilters Cache
square in square modern scrap quilt block
Square in Square Paper Piecing Block
modern scrap quilt take on gretchen block pattern
Gretchen block by Quilters Cache
WQ chocolate shoo fly block
Fly Foot 2 block by Quilters Cache
paper piecing pattern stick something in the middle quilt block
In the Middle Paper Piecing Pattern
paper piecing night & day quilt block in modern grey & green
Night and Day block by Quilters Cache
hunter star block pieces
Hunters Star by Quilters Cache
paper pieced flying geese mini block
Mini Flying Geese Block by Wombat Quilts
Ellens Snowball block
Ellens Snowball by Wombat Quilts
pinwheel snowball quilt block
Pinwheel Snowball by Wombat Quilts
Cactus Snowball block
Cactus Snowball by Wombat Quilts
Spikey Snowball
Spikey Snowball by Wombat Quilts
free paper piece pattern
Snowballs and Stars by Wombat Quilts
Fireworks pinwheel block
Fireworks Pinwheel block by Wombat Quilts
special spin block
Special Spin Block
fractured star
Fractured star by Wombat Quilts
free pape pieced pattern
Stripey Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper pieced star block
Turning Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper piecing pattern
Alternating Star by Wombat Quilts
8 inch paper pieced star
Inner Star by Wombat Quilts
lonely star quilt block
Lonely Star block by Wombat Quilts
modern scrap star quilt block
Sunny Star block by Wombat Quilts
8 inch star quilt block
Nick’s Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper piecing block
Star petal by Wombat Quilts
swirling star quilt block
Swirling Star by Wombat Quilts
WQ Sharp Star
Spikey Star by Wombat Quilts
Starrry Night block 1
Starry Night block by Wombat Quilts
Triforce star
Triforce Star by Wombat Quilts
stamp star
Stamp Star by Wombat Quilts
Straight star block
Straight Star by Wombat Quilts
Twisting Star block
Twisting Star by Wombat Quilts
fan star
Fan Star by Wombat Quilts
Crest star
Crest Star by Wombat Quilts
opgivewarmth may block 3
ET Phone Home by Lily’s Quilts
WQ House block 2
WQ House Block No. 2
House quilt block
WQ House Block No. 1
free paper pieced star block
Atomic Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper piecing pattern
Lost Geese Block by Wombat Quilts
Neon squares block
Neon Square block by Wombat Quilts
WQ Neon Block 2
Neon snow ball block by Wombat Quilts
paper pieced star block
Neon Star by Wombat Quilts
paper pieced star block
Starry Night 8 inch block by Wombat Quilts
paper pieced star
Twinkle by Quilting on the Square
free paper pieced star block
Diamond in the rough by Quilting on the Square
Starry night Cactus Compass block
Cactus Compass block by Quilting on the Square
paper pieced star quilt block
Rolling Star Pattern by Quilting on the Square
Paper pieced fox block
Paper pieced fox from Forest QAL
modern scrap paper pieced star
Penny Lane by 627Handworks
Paper pieced block
Icky thump by 627Handworks
Free paper piecing star block
Global Concepts by 627Handworks
modern paper piecing star block
Mercury Block by 627Handworks
free paper piecing pattrn
Zeppelin paper piecing pattern by 627handworks
Garfunkel paper pieced quilt block
Garfunkel paper piecing block by 627Handworks
bright modern paper pieced block
Bowie paper piecing pattern by 627Handworks
final paper piecing star  block
Feathered Compass block by Quilting on the Square
red aqua paper piecing star quilt block pattern
Flying Home by Quilting on the Square
paper piecing star block 1
Spinning Points by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua free
Celebration by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua free pattern
Kaleidoscope by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua
Wheel of Fortune by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua
Compass of many colors by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua modern free
Holiday Compass by Quilting on the Square
finished paper piecing star block
Snow Crystals Star by Quilting on the Square
Paper Piecing star 2
County Fair Compass by Quilting on the Square
paper piecing star block 1a
Which Way North by Quilting on the Square

249 thoughts on “Free Paper Piecing Patterns

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  2. Thank You for all these pattern .I’m french and don’t speak very much but I’m really enjoyed to see what you do. It’s wonderfull !!!

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  4. Wow what a great collection. Thank you. I am making a King quilt for my brothers 60th birthday with a star theme and your collection will be great using different colour schemes.

  5. Thank you for these beautiful patterns, I hope to do them justice in my quilts. Your color selections were so special. Thanks Again!

  6. Wow love your use of printed fabric your work looks so fresh and modern in style. I am fond of paper piecing just have to decide on which pattern to piece

  7. I’ve just discovered your blog this morning by following bread crumbs that started in Pinterest. I love to paper piece, and this is an amazing array of possible blocks. I’ll be using some in the future. Thanks for your kindly sharing of patterns, and colour combinations.

  8. Your color selections are incredible. I am feeling inspired after seeing all these luscious patterns!n
    Thank you-love your site!

  9. Oh Wow! I can hardly wait to get started! How will I choose which ones to do first? Thank you for sharing these patterns I know must have taken a great deal of time! I hope your recovery is going well.

  10. I am not very adept at using paper pieced patterns, but I love your collection of patterns. I printed the Holiday Comapss pattern which I will make in teals and reds mainly, for the Teal Mini Swap to raise money for Ovarian Cancer this fall. Going to enjoy challenging myself on this one! thank you for the lovely pattern. Catherine

  11. I love your blocks, they’re awesome! Do I really need to download them, or will printing them be okay? (some suggest they be downloaded) Thanks.

    • Hi Marlene. To get accurate sizing you need to download the pattern. If you print from the browser window the patterns will print slightly smaller than needed. This is a good rule for all digital paper piecing patterns. And remember to double check that your pattern has printed properly by measuring the printed pattern sheet.

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  13. i love your stars.. I am using one as a sun in a paper piecing toddler quilt that I am making.. each square is 8.5″ cut and 8″ sewn.. i know there is a method to resize the blocks.. can you tell me what that is if you know it? I plan to use 4 block space for the sun.. so it will be 16″ total.. thanks in advance..

  14. Thank you for sharing your unselfishness. I see all the hard work in the photos. Kudos for all your hard work. I’m not a fan of paper piecing plus I make all of my clothes. I have a important trip this summer and I need to clad a compass design. If it doesn’t turn out then nothing ventured nothing gained. If it does I’ll send you photos to share. Thank you again for sharing your creative spirit

  15. Thank you for all of these beautiful blocks! I’ve included Ellen’s Snowball in a project for my BFF’s birthday next month and am working on your 8″ blocks in a project for myself. I need to ask you about your Starry Night block. It says it’s 6″ yet it is included with all the other 8″ blocks done in greens. Is it really 6″? Or is that a typo? I’d like to make it but need it to be 8″ like the rest. Thanks!

    • Hi Rosemary. I am not sure what block you are referring to but if it is green it is 8 inches. If it is blue and yellow it could be a variety of sizes. You could always do a test print and measure the block just to check.

      • I did as you suggested and did a test print. Even though your STARRY NIGHT block is done in greens and is included with the other 8″ green blocks, it does indeed measure 6″. Didn’t want anyone else to be confused.

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  17. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing these beautiful patterns. ( I like to use light Vylene in place of paper.)

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  20. I am looking for Block # 6 in the Compass Collection….I have downloaded 11, but can’t find # 6. Help please and Thank you.

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  22. I am always very impressed with both your work and your kindness in sharing with us. Have a list of things to show my Guild: Rose City Quilters in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Thanks, so very much for your wonderful site.

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