A flurry of paper piecing…

So how was your holiday/Christmas break?  I hope it was fun and constructive and full of family and friends.  Mine was definitely constructive on the paper piecing front… this is what I got finished in December….

hexagon stack 2This is a stack of 84 hexagon flowers… does not look like much so maybe this photo will help…

all the hexagonsI became a hexagon demon this Christmas…it is the only quilting I have done for over a month which is a little unusual for me but there is a reason why.  You see in October my husband casually told me that his doctor had found a “fullness” in his neck.  Fast forward a week and CT showed a 8 1/2 cm tumor in his neck.  Those of you that have met my husband know he does not do anything in halves and his tumor was no exception…it was twice the size of what they considered large!

So after specialist appointment and some more tests we were given a date for surgery – 22nd of December.  We were allowed to go to Australia which put me into full hexagon production mode.   In preparation for the month or so we had ahead of us, I bought a Fiskar hexagon punch, one of the best investments I ever made.

Fiskar hole punchThe punch does perfect 1 inch hexagons, so for a couple of nights I sat watching TV and punching out hexagons from scrapbooking paper I no longer use!  Hundreds of them.   Then scraps were then gathered from my stash and acquired from friends and I was set.

Our Aussie trip allowed me to make lots and lots and lots of hexagons… 16+ hours of flying each way allowed for a lot of sewing.  I used my trusty hexagon travel kit..

heaxagon travel kit

and filled my hexagon storage to over flowing…

hexagons completed and sored

Medical appointments, surgery and recovery allowed me to turn my little hexagon collection into these…

hexagon flowerMy colour scheme is bright and consists of grey, green, aqua, blue, purple, magenta, pink, apricot, red, orange and yellow.  I have a few repeats on the fabric but not too many.

my colour palletteI am pleased to say that the surgery went well.  My darling husband has a wicked scar across his neck but the tumor was not cancerous.  So now as he sits on the couch recuperating (playing computer games and listening to the cricket!) I am slowly sewing the hexagon flowers onto the main quilt.

hexagon quilt wip 2I am trying to fill the gaps and get a straight edge happening, instead of the willy nilly placement I had going earlier.  My husband declared that he wanted this quilt earlier in the year so it seemed fitting that I threw myself into its production during his medical hi jinks.

Excuses, excuses and some paper piecing…

Okay I had another slack posting week last week, but I have some good excuses really.  Excuse One….camping.

Yep I spent four days camping last week….Four whole days without a sewing machine, a computer, cell phone connection or a shower!  Despite the limitations I did manage to get some quilting done….

photo 1

I hexied up a storm… four days of hand work produced this lovely collection finished and ready to go….

hexie flower close up

I love the flexibility and ease of English paper piecing.  Whenever I am heading out the door to an appointment or event where I think I may have some spare time I just grab my hexie kit, just in case.

photo 2

So here is a much overdue shot of my quilt top so far… it is growing slowly.

Hexie quilt top wip

I am adding flowers willy nilly, I am sure there is an easier way to put the top together but I kind of like the “stick and flower here, stick a flower there” approach.

Hexies close up

My husband declared a month or so ago that this quilt was going to be his, because (1) this would ensure that he got a quilt eventually and (2) it would also ensure that I did not give this quilt away, as I am prone to do!

HexiesThe fact that the quilt will be pretty and loud and contains flowers does not seem to bother him at all!

Hexies cu

It does not seem to bother the cat either…

Kitty approved

Excuse number two for my slack posting will be part of Wednesday’s post….