Tula Pink Friday

This week I managed to get my Tula Pink quilt basted, quilted and bound.  Yipee.  This quilt has been a work in process since May last year…I would do a few blocks here and there when the mood took me, till I had 30 blocks ready to go.

quilt top snowI actually got the quilt top finished during the snow storm a few weeks ago but it took me another couple of weeks to get her basted and then quilted.  I am beginning to notice that I am not as fast to baste and quilt as I am to piece.  Okay I admit it I love to piece quilt tops…quilt them, not so much.  Anyway I soldiered through and this was the result….

Tula pink quiltI love the blocks and that Tula Pink City Sampler blocks are a great project to dip in and out of.

quilt detail 2Some of the blocks are really simple and easy, others a little more complex.  I did not do some of the crazier blocks in the book…I am leaving those to the next quilt…

quilt detailWhen it came time to quilt my top up I decided to got with a light grey thread for quilting.  In hindsight I maybe should have stuck with white as the quilting is really highlighted which creates two issues for me…

1.  It distracts from the pretty blocks I think…and

quilting detail2.  It highlights that my quilting may not be completely straight.

Favourite blockIt was a huge learning experience for me and I think the quilt still looks cute, despite my missteps.  It is backed with some lovely Lotta Jansdotter fabric from her “Echo” line.

quilt backingAnd hand bound with two different Kona cotton pinks… scraps I had left over from another project.

Tula pink bindingI am definitely making a blue version of this quilt so I can do more blocks from the book and so I can slip in the Tardis block.  I will take what I learnt from this quilt and apply it wisely.