Loud, bright and fun… the quilt

.. and the nephew.  When I was back in Australia I took the opportunity to photograph the quilt I made my nephew last year.  I finished the quilt just before I started blogging and forgot to photograph it before I sent it on its way.   Better late than never right….

Rainblow quilt finished

This pattern was an out-and-out steal/borrow from a “do good stitches” quilt posted on Blue Elephant’s site.  I fell in love with the pattern immediately  and thought it would be great for my nephew.   The block is simple and the directions are easy and clear – its foundation is a 16 piece block of rainbow colours.  If you are interested in the pattern check out the above link for all the great instruction straight from the source.

quilt detail

For the back of the quilt I used some of the extra blocks I had.  I usually have blocks left over because I make more than I need so that I have choices when I am putting the finished quilt together.

quilt back 2

This quilt replaced a baby quilt I made for my sister about 12 years ago.  I actually made the quilt without knowing that my sister was pregnant or what sex the baby would be.  All I knew was I was heading out on an adventure and I did not know when I would be able to quilt again.  This is the much-loved, much washed  old quilt.

Harry's old quilt

Photographing these quilts involved more time and effort than usual as there was much misbehaving, silliness and photo-bombing going on.

trauma for photographing the quilt

In amongst the crazy I did manage to get a photo of Miss Banana and her new quilt.

Miss Banana and her quilt

What I did not manage to photograph was the hilarious sight of my 6ft tall husband walking around Portland Airport with a pink and yellow quilt sticking out of his backpack.  It is a sight I will not forget in a hurry.

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