A day of play – wip Wednesday

I have been having some fun over the last couple of days, playing with my quilting.  The other day while out walking around my neighborhood with my husband I took this photo.

red poppy photo

This beautiful flower inspired me to make a modern improv quilt.  I worked for a couple of hours last night and so far this is what I have…

improv poppy quiltI will keep going and hope to have the top finished by Friday.   I had made a deal with myself NOT to start any more quilts until I had finished some, but when the inspiration grabs you, just go with it…. right?

The other playing I did yesterday was looking at how I want  to finish up my Paper Piecing Monday quilt.  After getting some great suggestions I worked with a couple of colours…. here are my top picks, in no particular order.

navy sashing on paper pieced star sampler quilt

ONE – Navy blue


TWO – Red


THREE – White


FOUR – Red & white dot

Then there is the no sashing option…

Work in progress paper piecing star sampler quilt.

Let me know what you think?  What is your favorite?


51 thoughts on “A day of play – wip Wednesday

  1. Here’s my two cents: I like the navy or white background the best. The red seems too hot, the dots a bit busy, and no sashing looks a little cluttered. That said, you make lovely quilts and whatever you choose will look great, I’m sure!

  2. Ohhhhh, love the poppy block! I love poppies! I absolutely love the no sashing option or the white, I think the colors pop more. They are beautiful and I’m so glad your last star was the Oregon one. I think that’s my favorite one out of the 50 in the book 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  3. I really love your flower improve quilt. You tempt me to try this one, even though I have so many quilts I have to finish. But isn’t that how it is with us?

  4. I love the dots!! 🙂 I already grabbed the paper piecing book from the library as a result of what you’ve been putting up. Regardless, it’ll be beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I like the navy too! Though I think the red dot is really awesome too… I like your idea of navy sashing, with red dot squares at the junctions! The poppy improv quilt is great. That was some good inspiration you got 🙂

  6. Your stars are beautiful.

    I love the navy sashing. I think that if there were only two background colours for the stars then I would say with no sashing, but somehow the red backed stars don’t quite look right when there is no sashing (somehow, can’t explain why though…)

  7. i like the navy the red makes you lose to much on the red blocks that meet up with it, unless you have a really deep turquoise navy would be my choice. love these blocks

  8. I have to tell you, I LOVE your paper pieced blocks. They are absolutely gorgeous! My preference for sashing is 1) the red or 2) the red and white pokadots. I am looking forward to seeing the completed top.

  9. Wow! gorgeous!

    I’m bouncing between the navy, which offsets the blocks without competing, and the red, which really makes the turquoise pop!

  10. Oh, the polka dot! What a lovely way to frame such happy, beautiful blocks! Incredible!
    Your Poppy freeplay is amazing! You’ve got a good eye for placement and I love when we let the Muse have its way!

  11. I like your idea of using the polka dots as sashing corners, with the navy, I think. Either that or no sashing is my vote. Like many others, I also love your poppy improv. Beautiful interpretation!

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