Lost Geese Quilt top finished

This week I managed to get my “Shell logo” inspired flying geese quilt top finished.  By the time I had finished laying out this quilt top it had earned the name “Lost Geese”, can you guess why?

modern scrap flying geese quilt

Yep is it a little crazy… but kind of fun.  Lots of novelty fabric and fun stuff to make the eyes really explore the madness.

lost geese quilt detail cu

I had a lot of fun making the “geese” go all over the place. I love the lack of pattern or rhythm to the piecing (though it frustrated my husband a little).  Too really throw things into disarray I added a smattering of yellow triangles on a red background.  Chaos rules!

modern flying geese scrap quilt

I paper pieced these blocks as I love to have sharp clear triangles in my flying geese and paper piecing is the only way I personally can get that precision. My original post has a paper piecing pattern you can grab if you are interested in trying some geese.

back lit quilt detail

This top has been added to the pile that need basting.  I am going to see if I can convince my hubby to help me again this weekend to baste a quilt or two.

29 thoughts on “Lost Geese Quilt top finished

  1. Love this quilt ….bright and happy. I agree you have the most amazing fabric. Wish I could get my hubby to baste. Hope your hand is improving Cath. I love your photo too!!

  2. Here via Flickr – this quilt is gorgeous! I love the bright colours and the way it all fits together even though the ‘geese’ are pointing in different directions. The randomness mixed with the precision piecing really makes it.

  3. Love the title and love the wildness of the quilt – my eye does not know where to go – makes me love it. I also think making flying geese is great so I can appreciate how much you would have enjoyed putting it together

  4. I’m a few weeks late, but I’m just so thrilled to see such intensity and sharpness in a quilt! I live for vibrant colours, and you really nailed it! Haha and I totally enjoyed looking for those geese in reverse!

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