Tricky Triangles finally finished

I am very very very  pleased to say that my pink and green triangle quilt is finally all done.  I have procrastinated with this quilt in new and exciting ways over the last 6+ months… but she is now completed and I can move on with the rest of my life.

modern scrap triangle quilt

I must admit, in the spirit of full disclosure, that I had planned for this quilt to be bigger than what she ended up as, but I got to the point where I had had enough and just went with the blocks I had made.  Her finished dimensions are 45 inches x 50 inches which is a smallish kids quilt.

finished triangle quilt detail 2

I first posted this block way back in April… I had been given a small scrap pile of olive green fabric and wanted to do something with it.   Hot pink fabric was chosen to go with the olive and a triangle paper pieced pattern from the “Modern Blocks” book was chosen.   I was so optimistic with that first post I titled it “Triangle Love”.

triangle quilt blocks

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when I decided to bite the bullet and finish this sucker… but now I was referring to it as “Triangle Trauma“.  Oh what a difference time makes….

finished triangle quilt detail

Now all is said and done I am really happy with how this quilt turned out…but will not be jumping into another triangle quilt for a while!   For the backing of the quilt I used a piece of Densye Schmidt which worked perfectly with the quilt top.

finished triangle quilt back

For the quilting I selected a random triangle, quilted around it and then radiated the quilting out from there.  It is straight line quilting but with a twist.  I went with pink thread of course, because you can never get enough pink in my opinion!

finished triangle quilt quilting detail

I nearly went with pink binding but opted for a Kona olive green instead – I think it made the pink pop a little more.

finished triangle quilt bindingSo now that I have finished a quilt, I am now, under Ashley’s mum’s rules, allowed to start another one.  I have a pattern picked out and fabric pulled… stay tuned.

Quilt Details:

Technique:  Modern scrap
Block:   Paper pieced triangle pattern from “Modern Blocks”
Finished size:     45″ x 50″

45 thoughts on “Tricky Triangles finally finished

  1. Yes, indeedy, this is a knock-out combo of colors – yay you for finishing, and thanks a bunch for sharing – terrific!

  2. Yet another awesome quilt completed! These days I find myself more in love with making quilt tops than doing the quilting to finish the quilt. I read your blog for inspiration to get my keister in gear!

    Great job!

  3. Oh – WOW!!!! it turned out great and look fantastic. The only UFO in my house is Stevie’s Garden who need to be sandwiched and quilted and I simply can’t find the strength or interest to wring it through the 6600……

  4. I love this so very very much. I first found your blog when I saw your initial traingles pinned on Pinterest and have been following ever since. I was so delighted when I saw that you were working on this quilt again and it is really wonderful to see it finished. The colour combination is spectacular. Congrats of a fabulous finsih.

  5. I applaud your determination and love the continuing change in the quilt title!! I was following along with your progress and at first thought I might try it, but the more I looked at it the “confuser” I got! I think I will just be happy for your finish :o)

    • Kathleen I hope I have not turned you off triangles. There are quilters out there who love triangles and are more precise than me. I do not have a mathematical or meticulous mind and triangles just did not compute with me. They may be right up your alley. Only one way to find out…give them a go.

  6. This quilt is beautiful. I think that finished is sometimes better than bigger. I felt that way with my second northern wind quilt. Hmmm… it had a ton of triangles too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog (Quilt Kisses) and for your sweet comment.

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