Some Lucky Stars to end the month…

This month I have been having a blast making blocks for #opgivewarmth.  Sarah at set the most fabulous palette for May and I have been having fun raiding my scraps each week.  This week I got extra carried away.  I started with…

Lucky Star BlockThis darling star is 6 1/2 inches (for a 6 inch finished block) and the pattern comes from Don’t Call Me Betsy’s Lucky Stars BOM from last year (2013).

Block partsI loved this paper piecing BOM series but extra loved the fact you got every block in two finished sizes per pattern – a 12 inch version and 6 inch version.  I had not made the 6 inch blocks before so thought this was the perfect time to give some of them a run.

Lucky Star March blockI went with some of the easier patterns at this size.  There are some beautifully complex blocks in this series but I was not emotionally ready to tackle them at the small scale.

Lucky Star January BlockThe Lucky Star paper piecing series is running again this year and you can still get last years series as well. Elizabeth at Don’t Call Me Besty has fabulous instructions and each BOM series comes with great introduction to paper piecing instructions and test blocks.  It is worth checking out.

May opgivewarmth blocks copySo these are the last of the May blocks heading to Sarah.  I will now sit patiently and wait to see what wonderful palette she has chosen for June.  While I wait I will be dusting off my Starry Night quilt and doing a few more of these small Lucky Star blocks in blue and yellow.


22 thoughts on “Some Lucky Stars to end the month…

    • Kate… you are my lone comment today. It is so sad. I am wondering if it is was something I did! I am hoping it is just because it is a long weekend this weekend and not because no body likes my quilts any more. I must admit I am excited to get back into the Starry Night quilt… I really want to try and finish up more of the Paper Piecing Monday quilts I have started.

      • I find readership drops drastically on Sundays and public holidays! Less than half, normally. Nothing you did, just other people doing other stuff. And your quilts would still be fabulous if no-one looked at them! I do think it’s important to visit, like and comment with one’s regulars, rather than just pop in, read and move on – it’s good blogging manners, boosts morale, and boosts the stats. I do hope Starry Night turns out to be a full sized quilt, and that you’ll keep it.

      • You are brilliant at the dropping by and comments. I love looking at it get people’s work but do not always remember to comment….and there is so much amazingness out there you could spend all your time surfing and no time quilting.

  1. Wow they look great! I actually just made my first paper piece star ( 6″ ) last night but didn’t get the centre matching perfect as the pieces were little wedges which I have never done before. There weren’t any instructions but I think I should have sewn them into two half’s then put them together. I like the look of these patterns made up of four square blocks so will definitely have a look 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Laurelle I always try and put together the pattern together in blocks. It makes those bulky centers a little easier to align. When the block is smaller I sew over the bulky sections very very slowly so my needle does not wander.

  2. Lovely blocks. Really like that combination. I have yet to try the mini blocks but the thought of something so small and cute, happiness! Thanks for the reminder about no-hats project 🙂

    • I like the simpler blocks in mini. I am not sure more complex blocks work small. The fabric does not get enough space to do its thing…particularly if you are working scrappy like I am.

    • Sindhu these stars are done, like most of my detailed patters, using paper piecing. I print off a pattern onto paper and sew the fabric using the lines on the paper as a guide. It makes for very accurate quilt blocks. I have patterns on my site and there are wonderful tutorials on how to paper piece on line.

      • Wow! That seems to be a great idea! You are so kind! Will surely do as you have suggested 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this tip with us!

  3. Have recently discovered your site and am spreading word of it to my quilting friends. We have started a pp group because of you. Love all of your designs. They’re so original and your choice of fabrics is amazing. Thank you for all your hard work.

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