Conquering the fear of Curves

In the last week I had an amazing quilting break through.  Anyone who has followed me for a while knows I had an irrational fear of curved piecing.  Sewing curves, circles seamed unnaturally and ridiculously hard.

Well you can imagine my “delight” (note the sarcastic inverted commas)  when my fellow ScrapBeeLicous Bee member,  Michelle of Factotum of Arts set a drunkard path block as her block of the month.  To soften the blow,  Michelle very generously also sent us all this…


Angela Pingel’s “A Quilter’s Mixology”  has changed my quilting life… seriously. Armed with this book and it’s pattern sheet, Michelle’s colour directions, a sharpie pen and a sheet of Overhead Projector film I went to work.

OHP templateThe OHP film worked nicely as a sturdy template and Angela’s instructions made it all seem so simple… and it was ridiculously simple.

First circle blocks

In no time I had made the requisite blocks and then just kept going….

Little carried awayTwelve blocks later I decided I wanted to try something different… so I pulled out a circle ruler my husband had bought me recently and started cutting up more fabric…

Easy Circle Cut

The Easy Circle Cut ruler is great for making smaller circles and curves, while Angela’s book has a great selection of bigger templates.

Circle block size differenceArmed with the EZ template and a stack of solids from my stash, I produced copious amounts of curved blocks in about three days…

orange circle block

Enough to make a full quilt top actually…  there was a point on Saturday night when my husband thought he might have to do a circle intervention but I convinced him it was okay, I was nearly done…for the moment!!!

quilt detailWhat I did not tell him was that I already have another circle quilt planned, using the extra bits from this top.  Yes it is official I am now curve obsessed.   You have been warned.


28 thoughts on “Conquering the fear of Curves

  1. LOL, I am so happy I helped you get over a fear….it was why I choose it as I have the same issue. As I plan to add a few orange blocks to the quilt it will force me to try them out too!!. I love the new quilt top….great colors!!

    • Thanks so much Michelle. I really needed the kick up the butt to try curves and your generous gift was the perfect instruction manual. The finished quilt will be killer I am sure…. And let me know if you need more blocks!

  2. How cool! I love the colors Michelle chose, and how you went crazy with the blocks! I love the drunkard’s path block, but have never made one, it’s on my list!

  3. I think there must be some New York Beauties in your near future. Although fair warning the smaller the curve the little more trying but I am sure you could really kick butt at them!!! Your work is always stunning Cath 🙂

  4. Oh dear. I’m never going to see Starry Night finished now… I do love your curves and colour choices, though, and it’s fun seeing you get totally carried away by learning something new!

  5. You have done it again. Taken us all around new corners and curves–ooo Bad! I love your blocks. Thanks again for taking time to post your amazing work!

  6. HELP! I have that ruler and have no clue how to use it for piecing, only applique. Can you tell me, did you use the same ring for both shapes and trim off the excess or is there a way to cut both pieces with the seam allowance? Does this make any sense?

    • Wendy I must admit I went on line to try and get help with using the ruler as it was a bit mystifying and found nothing. I will try and get something up on the site today explaining how I used it. Photos help.

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  8. This quilt is drop-dead gorgeous! Could you give us/me more info on how you used the Easy Circle Cut ruler to make these blocks? I have the same ruler, but have only used it to make Baptist Fan quilting…would love to know your technique! 🙂

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