Some Quilt Talk and a giveaway…

I have been waiting for this day for what seems like ages…. today, this day, when I get to take part in the Blog Hop for my friend Sam Hunter’s new book, Quilt Talk.

Quilt Talk book

I first heard of Sam through her “We Are Sew Worth It” campaign, which was eye opening for me.  Sam started a serious conversation about the value of our work, a quilter’s work, as artists, which continues to resonate with me.

About 6 months later I was thrilled to hear that Sam had moved to Portland and joined the Portland Modern Quilt Guild.  The first time I met her I knew I had found a kindred spirit- she was straight talking, feisty, talented and hilarious (if you want to know what Sam’s sense of humor is like take a closer look at the buckets on the cover of her new book!)

photo (1)

You can imagine my excitement when I found out Sam was doing a paper piecing book… Quilt Talk is designed around a paper pieced font, which includes a full alphabet with letters, numbers, special characters and accents  There is also a dozen lovely projects that you can customize with your own words… my fave is this Star Wars inspired beauty (yes I am a geek)…


As part of the Blog Hop Sam has given each Hop host the paper pieced pattern for a particular word and a link on how to use them to make the buckets on the cover of her book.  My word is appropriately…



You can collect the full set of patterns by visiting the other Blog Hop hosts…


Sam has also kindly given me a copy of the book to give away to one lucky reader… so if you would like to win a hard copy of this fabulous book just leave a comment, telling me what your favorite colour is… a random winner will be drawn on Sunday night (12th October) and announced during Paper Piecing Monday’s post.

138 thoughts on “Some Quilt Talk and a giveaway…

  1. Ooh, I’m the first comment for a change! My favourite colour is turquoise, with blue and green coming a close second and third. And if I win the book, bring it to Australia and deliver it in person!

  2. My fav color for quilts is a fall rust orange. I love your posts and stop everything to read them when they come through my feed. You inspired me to finish my first quilt. Thanks for you inspiration.

  3. Ive been enjoying this book, its so good and Ive got a few projects earmarked. Rarely I get a book and actually read it front to back, as most are pretty much same, same. Will say this one is different, for so many reasons 🙂

  4. By default my favourite colour has to be orange, but I am not unbiased for a nice spot of purple either. Thanks for a chance to win especially since I have not found the book in Germany (Amazon declares it unavailable for our territory)

  5. I’m scared of paper piecing but these projects are so cute! My boyfriend would crack up at the star wars quilt. I love basically all colors – I want them all – but I think blues are my favorite.

  6. Hmm..favorite color…I’m drawn to grays and chartreuse. i think I’m more of a hybrid color person. A mix of a couple colors together! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I’ve been wanting to give paper piecing a try and this would be a great book to start me off with. My favourite colour is blue, followed by purple, red, yellow orange…… 🙂

  8. That’s like asking which child is my favorite! If my life depended on it I’d have to say GREEN!! It’s in my stash, my closet and all through my house (and yard!)

  9. Hi Cath! Wonderful news! This book looks fantastic! I love letters, Paper piecing, scraps, colours – all in one in this book! Would be Super happy to win! x Teje

  10. Favorite color if I had to pick one? Green! And I will take the full range on the color wheel, bumping clear up to yellow on one side and blue on the other.

    Thanks for promoting Sam’s book. She is terrific, generous, and talented, and deserves every bit of goodness that comes her way.

  11. I was team orange for years (and still believe that it’s the color of joy) but I’ve really come around on pink. Thanks for a chance.

  12. Oh yes! I’m so hoping to win a copy of Sam’s book! I love your Hexies bucket! My will say POTC though for the Patchwork of the Crosses I am making using the EPP hexie method 🙂 My favorite color is AQUA BLUE – boring I know, but there you go, I yam what I yam!!!

  13. I’m a PINK girl and piecing hexies is my fav ‘take a long’ project. I’m looking to each new entry on the Quilt Talk blog tour!

  14. I’ve been wanting to make a fabric bucket and these are so cute! My favorite color of the moment is chartreuse but I always love blue.

  15. My favorite color is yellow. Thanks for pointing out her sense of humor! I had seen the cover of this book before and never even caught the clever innuendos at first glance. lol

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