Green with envy yet?

If not, give this block a look…

Triforce star

This block is called the Triforce star block…and if any of you know Zelda you will know where it got its name from.   A little geeky I know but I love it.

Triforce star pieces

The block has a few more pieces than the last couple but only a few… 28 in total.  The free pattern can be downloaded here…Triforce Star.

As promised I also took a photo of the stars I have made so far….

Green stars wip

17 thoughts on “Green with envy yet?

  1. I’ve been checking in on your blog for a few months now and I recently decided to start a quilting blog of my own so I can post pictures of my finished projects. I only wish you hadn’t taken the name WombatQuilts, because that was my first easy choice and it’s so catchy! (My last name is Womble.) 🙂 Now I’m back to the drawing board. Can’t wait to see what else you make! I’m a big fan of your color and style choices.

    • Jessie. I am not sure where the name Wombat Quilts came from but it was perfect, and no one else was doing it…sorry I beat you too it, though Wombling Quilts or A Quilt Womble might work. I just keep thinking of The Wombles and Uncle Bulgaria.

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