Are you bored with 8 inch green stars yet?

I hope not, as I have another one this week….

Crest star

This 8 inch star is based on a couple of patterns I have found online and in books. This 8 inch version is done for my ongoing green star quilt and you can find the PDF pattern here….Crest Star Pattern.

I am on vacation/holiday at the moment so I am keeping it short and sweet.

13 thoughts on “Are you bored with 8 inch green stars yet?

    • Some of my stars in this collection are really easy and of a beginners level. (Mainly the 16 piece blocks like the Crest Star). I love paper piecing and encourage everyone to give it a go. It gives you the most amazing accuracy and is perfect for stars in particular. There are some great online tutorials including a Craftsy class taught by the queen of paper piecing Carol Doak.

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