Paper Piecing Monday…the jet lagged edition

After three weeks of sunshine, family and fun I am back to the cold wet reality of Portland… with jet-lag and suitecase full of Aussie sweets!  It is the said “jet lag” that I am blaming for the lateness of Paper Piecing Monday…

For those of you who have not experienced the joy that is jet-lag, and in particular East Coast Australia to West Coast America jet lag it boils down to this…I want to be asleep when it is daytime and I am WIDE AWAKE at 2 am.  Augh!

Enough whingeing and complaining and onto fun stuff…. this weeks block…

simple star finished block

In my jet-lagged haze I named this one Simple Star, do not ask me why!  The block is a 32 piece baby, and not really simple, but quite effective.

Block piecesYou can find the free paper piecing pattern for this 8 inch block here…simple star.  Have fun with it.

Now that I am back home I promise that my posting will involve more than just green stars (not that there is anything wrong with green stars).  A couple of months ago my laptop died and I have had to post from my husbands desktop…and for some strange reason I find writing posts in the office, surrounded by masses of Lord of the Rings Lego and Dungeons & Dragons books off-putting and un-inspiring.

But I promise to work through my discomfort and catch you up on some of the exciting things that have happened in my quilting universe in the last couple of months.

7 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday…the jet lagged edition

  1. I do feel for you, and am glad you didn’t get caught in the storms in Brisbane. You go with green stars as long as you need to! And my favourite remedy for jetlag (apart from a huge fried breakfast, that is!) is melatonin, which you may be able to get at the pharmacy. But if you watch the sun rise often enough, your body will get the message and adjust.

  2. Oh, I know the trials of jet lag ~ I lived in Thailand for some time, coming back to the US was so hard and by the time I’d got used to the time here, it would be time to go back to Thailand!
    Love the block! Been missing you around and about here ~

  3. Nothing wrong with green stars!
    I hope the jetlag passes quickly. I have had two long-distance trips this year. One set me back with jetlag for a week (during which my husband said I was a grumpy horror); with the other I suffered not at all. May all your future trips be the second kind.
    Lord of the Rings Lego?! I suspect your husband would not seem out of place on the Big Bang Theory! (I only have Star Wars Lego, myself. :))

  4. Since I have never traveled internationally I can only imagine how you feel with the time change. I love all of your stars, their design and fabric choices. Looking forward to your future posts.

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