Catch Up #1… Teaching paper piecing

The first lot of news I wanted to share was that just before I left for Australia my fabulous local quilt store – Modern Domestic – asked me to teach introductory classes on paper piecing.   My immediate response was YES… of course…I want to corrupt/bring to the darkside as many quilters as I can.

class description

I love paper piecing and love the amazing results you can get from the process.  It initially surprised me that so many people had not tried this technique (I wrongly thought that everyone started with paper piecing and went from there!).

So for this class I designed a 16 inch star block, which can easily be turned into a pillow.

MD pillowsIt really is a pretty easy pattern but very effective.  This sample uses some of my Liberty bits and pieces, a splash of Kona cotton and Essex linen for the background.  I loved how this sample turned out… but I did not stop there. I also made…

MD pearl bracele star pillowA Pearl Bracelet version…of course.

If you are interested in the class you can find all the details on Modern Domestic’s website…JUST CLICK HERE.  My first class is next week, and we plan to offer this class throughout next year.

16 thoughts on “Catch Up #1… Teaching paper piecing

  1. Congratulations! You are certainly going to be a great mentor for folks who have stayed away from paper piecing. Enjoy your adventure!

  2. Oh I love the pattern, Id come to class just for that hahahahaha. Im always suprised with how many folk havent tried paper piecing or think its too hard or complicated, wins everytime with me, loath cutting out perfect shapes hahahahaha.

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