Back on track….

So I am not sure if any of you noticed…but I have been very slack in my posting lately.  I have managed to keep my Paper Piecing Monday posts happening but everything else has just fallen by the wayside.

Bad bad me.  Last week I was teaching all week and found that my creativity was completely absent.  I have been a little out of kilter for a couple of months now and I am slowly getting my mojo back….and here is the proof.

Do good stitches cross quiltYesterday I had a blast using the new Bernina long arm machine at my LQS (local quilt store), Modern Domestic.  Up until yesterday I had never done a whole quilt by myself, and I was so excited by how much fun I had.  I did an all over squares and boxes pattern which seem to come very naturally to me (that means I did not quilt myself into a corner once!).

quilt detail 2The quilt was one of my unfinished Do Good Stitches quilts…  and I love the scrappy feel to it all.  If you are interested in the pattern we used, you can find the link on my original post here…

do good stitches cross quilt detailI did a simple solid back and a wide navy binding to finish it all off.  In a couple of weeks I am going to go back and give it all another go with one of my other unfinished Do Good quilt tops.  I may branch out and try something loopy!

quilt detailI have a long way to go before I master this long arm free motion thingy but I am pleased with the results of my first step.  I must admit I am now hankering for some straight stitch quilting on my home machine, so I may baste up some more quilts this weekend.  I had forgotten how satisfying it is to actually finish something up.

19 thoughts on “Back on track….

      • The quilt shop owner where I spend most of my money is a quilting mentor to me.. she told me to keep working on the free motion quilting as I am still improving on the piecing because then your skills will be more evenly matched. I thought it was good advice! I like making the quilt from start to finish, all details included! Keep up the good work!

  1. I too am thinking of switching to long arm in the next few years…would be very interested to hear you discuss that transition, its challenges, the pros and cons! Love the quilt!

  2. We noticed you were busy! I missed the regular posts, but it’s so worth waiting for the ones you do produce. Love the pluses quilt a lot, and envious of having access to a longarm. If I want something swirly, it’s hand quilting for me; I’ve concluded my brain/hand coordination and fmq just don’t get on…

  3. Looks great. Love the quilt, love the boxy quilting. I agree, don’t put pressure on yourself about blogging. Love your posts when you have time.

  4. I like that quilt! The mix of pastels makes such a great background for the darker plusses. And it shows off your quilting. “Squares and Boxes”–I didn’ tknow what it was called. Perfect for the quilt.

  5. Love the dark crosses against that LV background. I too have noticed that when I work all week, my sewing is the first thing I lose interest in. Yay for two weeks school holidays now though. Happy Easter.

  6. It always sounds good to try out a long-arm machine, but then it also sounds intimidating! Do you pay by the hour at your LQS (if you don’t mind me asking?) Way to go for trying it; it looks amazing!

    • Kelsey my LQS does charge by the hour. You have to do an introductory class to learn about loading and threading the machine and they give you two free hours after taking the class. I think I will get quicker the more I play but it took me just over two hours to do my top.

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