The last green star….

Welcome to Paper Piecing Monday….the final edition of the Green Star series…

fractured starThere is no rhyme or reason for my colour placement on this star… I just had fun and put scraps where ever they fitted.  Some how it seemed the thing to do with this the 20th star in the series.  Yep you read that right, I made 20 green stars and shared 20 patterns.

block partsI had a change of heart this week about how I wanted to layout of the stars in the final quilt, and so do not want to share anything yet.  I hope to play some more this week and have a WIP (work in progress) shot for you next week.

The last 8 inch star pattern can be found here…fractured star pattern.

Do not fret, paper piecing Monday will be back next week, but with something NON star related.

8 thoughts on “The last green star….

  1. Great star! Thanks for sharing all your patterns! There’s a few that I was trying to make but they don’t have numbers on them, and I’m no good at figuring out the steps. You are awesome!

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