A slightly unusual wedding quilt in progress…

This week I have been having a blast making a wedding quilt for a darling friend… but this quilt is not you usual pretty, demur wedding quilt… it is fun and foxy all the way…

fancy fox pattern

This week I have been using Elizabeth Hartman’s fabulous Fancy Fox pattern to make foxes…lots and lots of foxes…

lizzy house fox

I have been surprised how quickly and easily these blocks come together.  After selecting my fabric and precutting everything it has been a fun process of chain piecing and cutting and chain piecing some more.

Lots of foxes

There has been a fabulous sense of achievement as I have finished up a fox and put it up on my design wall.  The hardest part (and most fun part!) was selecting the fabric.  I knew that I wanted the traditional fox colour of red…

Red fox

and then I threw in a little orange…

orange foxes

and to add tonal variety I added some apricot and pink foxes…

pink fox

The foxes I love the most are the ones with striking patterns…  it was such a fun process to audition fabrics, thinking about what sort of foxes they would make.

Gathering foxes

I have only a few more foxes to go before I have them all done.  For the background fabric I went with Hatch fabric from Time Treasures in Coal…and I love how it makes the foxes pop.

I have a few weeks to get this quilt finished so I am heading back to the sewing machine to finish up the last of the blocks.  I really seem to like working up against a deadline… but as a friend kindly reminded me the other day wedding quilts can be given after the wedding.  So how late do you think is too late for a wedding quilt?

31 thoughts on “A slightly unusual wedding quilt in progress…

    • I was really surprised at how quickly this quilt has come together…but I know it is not everyone’s idea of a wedding quilt. Deciding on the pattern is such an important part of the process… there are so many fabulous options out there that I am sure you will find the perfect block for you and the bride and groom.

  1. Love your pretty foxes and the hatch fabric for the background! You have a great selection of reds, oranges and pinks! What a fun wedding quilt this will be!

  2. I think wedding gifts are acceptable given within a year of the wedding. I just gifted my brother’s wedding signature quilt on their one-year anniversary.

  3. Love the expression you got with your choise of fabrics Cath. And the grey background really does make the foxes pop… lovely…

  4. Gray and red (and all its variations) is always a good combo. Great quilt! I agree with others, up till the first anniversary and it can still be called a wedding quilt, though I’m sure it would be appreciated any time.

  5. I’m currently working on a wedding quilt that’s black, charteuse, and coral… traditional is highly overrated. 😀 According to “proper etiquette” you have up to the first anniversary to give wedding presents… and practically, after that, you just call it a “because I like you” present. Which are really the best kind anyway. So finish it at your speed! They’ll be sure to love it no matter when it arrives.

  6. These are so great! What a fun way to celebrate a friend’s wedding! My sister just got engaged to a man that dressed up as The Fantastic Mr. Fox one year for Halloween–my kids saw the photo and called him Fox for many months, but my daughter couldn’t say fox, but instead said bok, or in her excitement “bok-bok!”, so that is what we call him now. Anyway–I sent this quilt post to my sister to see what she thought of getting a bok-bok quilt for their wedding gift! Hahaha, thanks for the idea 🙂 I was commissioned to make a wedding quilt, but it wasn’t gifted to the couple until about 6 months after the wedding. The mom that commissioned it figured any time in the first year was still a wedding gift.

  7. Your friend will be thrilled. Your choice of orange/reds for the foxes and crosshatch for the background is perfect. Love it.

  8. Hey Cath, beautiful quilt. Love the foxes colours and the background was a great choice. They will love it if you give it to the wedding or at the first anniversary (or inbetween). I agree with the overall opinion up to a year is still a wedding quilt 🙂

    I have never made a wedding quilt, but a baby quilt I gifted shortly before the baby was one. I still call it a baby quilt so why shouldn’t the same apply here #hihi

    Have fun in the continuing process!

  9. The first wedding quilt I did with my friend – well the top was done for the wedding but they didn’t get the finished quilt until their 1st anniversary! (We had to save up to have it quilted, then find a long-armer that could do one that was approx. 100″ X 120″)

  10. The first one my friend & I did…well, they got coordinating throw pillows at the shower, the top was done for the wedding & they got the finished quilt on their 1st anniversary! We had to save up for the quilting, then find a long-armer that could work on a quilt 100″ X 120″!

  11. You could make one extra fox, turn it into a throw pillow for the bed, and give it as a promisary note for the quilt itself on the wedding day, with the quilt to be delivered asap afterwards. But at the rate you’re going, I reckon it’ll be done in time.

      • You’re doing better than me, I have to tell you. One of my nieces got married at the end of May. I haven’t even started the wedding quilt I promised her, and it’s going to be a while before I do. I’m going with the 1 year after deadline!

  12. Hi! In my opinion & experience, I think you are safe to have it completed some time within their first year of marriage. My experience is that people are more than willing to wait for a beautiful hand-made quilt! Just let them know you are
    making them something very special!!! This way you could make sure you make it with colors they like! Hope this helps!!! I LOVE your blog! You do are very talented & do such beautiful work & are extremely generous with your patterns, expertise& ideas!!

  13. The colours of your Fox blocks are just perfect and it is going to be such a stunning quilt! I have made a few of these but hope to do a whole quilt one day:)

  14. Love the foxes and the colours! I’ve been thinking of making Elizabeth’s kitten quilt (as I’m a crazy cat lover!) but thought it might be too hard, but you have given me motivation to give it a go. After the honeymoon would be fine!

  15. I love everything about this quilt from the color choices to the crosshatch background fabric. I’m sure the happy couple are going love it. I may have to make one for myself in blues and purples after seeing your inspiration.

  16. Love your colours. I purchsed thus pattern just recently and hope to make it within the next year, after I finish off a few others

  17. This is just wonderful. I made Elizabeth’s Catvent quilt a couple of years ago and it was so much fun to do. You are really tempting me to try my hand at the foxes. I can’t wait to see your finished product.

  18. All of Elizabeth Hartman’s animal patterns are adorable, and I think the fabrics you have chosen are perfect.
    I knew that I would drift later and later if I didn’t finish the wedding blanket before my stepdaughter’s wedding, so I didn’t give myself permission to act on the one year rule. It looks like you are in good shape to finish before the wedding.

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