A low volume scrap vortex…

This week I finished up my scrap vortex quilt… I actually started this quilt a couple of weeks ago in a bid to use some of my low volume scraps and after I found the wonderful QAL at Crazy Mom Quilts.

finished scrap vortex quilt

Amanda Jean leads the Scrap Vortex Quilt Along and does a great job of taking you through, step by step, making these blocks.. and makes dealing with all your scraps easy and manageable.

scrap vortex quilt detail 2

You start by sewing similar size scraps together and then sew those bits together and before you know it you have a quilt block.

quilt detail c

For my quilt I trimmed my blocks to 12 1/2 unfinished.

quilt detail 3

It was so much fun putting this together.  I was surprised by how many fun novelty prints I had that were low volume.


When I was selecting scraps for this project I chose only fabrics that had a white/cream background with a print on top of that back ground.   There are probably five or six scraps that were pastel (a soft light colour fabric with a little white in it) but I wanted to predominantly white/creams.

quilt detail example

You can see an example of one of those prints in the photo above… there are three little blocks that are a soft background with a white print.  It seems like such a little thing, but the fabric reads differently than those around it…it reads darker and more solid than the print would suggest.


So if you are doing a low volume quilt, audition your fabrics carefully and if you can, use the camera on your phone to take a photo of the fabric and turn it into a greyscale image to see how the fabric actually reads.

quilt back

For the back of the quilt I used bigger scraps and my left over bits and pieces to make an extra large block…with more novelty goodness in it… including my favorite bit…


Yep I managed to squeek in a koala bear…

For the binding I used the left overs from last weeks quilt….solid Kona pastels.


This quilt is headed to Project Linus for some kid to love and treasure…

quilt detail b

 Quilt Details:

Pattern:  Scrap Vortex by Crazy Mom Quilts
Fabric:  Various low volume Scraps
Finished Size:  48 x 48 inches

28 thoughts on “A low volume scrap vortex…

  1. It looks gorgeous. … because of the low volume fabrics on the first sight it looks like a quilt from the 30th. I’m totally behind with mine… suppose it has turned in a long time project. But I love to combine all the small pieces.

  2. I’ve been looking wistfully at the Crazy Mom scrap vortex, but have decided that I can’t take it on with the quilts I’ve committed to make before the end of the year. However, a bloggy friend and I are doing a single ScrapHappy block each month to try and achieve the same sort of thing. I do love your low volume version, and I’m amazed at how many low volume scraps you have, given that you’re such a powerhouse of briliiant colour!

  3. That is so sweet, going to have a go with the rest of my scraps as I already made a few quilts with them. Might not get the white background bits correct but we shall endeavor to try.

  4. Just finished two quilts with scraps and came out fine except the last one which got quilted by my friend and she used deep red on the white parts and wiggled through the patches. Don’t know whether I like it or not, got to get used to it as being an accountant I like things to be very square and exacting, hahaha! Wish I could show you here, no idea how to download it for you to have a look!

  5. I love to see scraps used up. I don’t understand the term vortex? But it is a great quilt. Love it. Shall go into quilt instructions to see if explanation in there. Love your blog.

    • Hi Mari…scrap vortex is the pattern name and the name of the QAL….but I felt it was an appropriate name because I really got sucked into my scrap pile/vortex and it took me days to emerge.

  6. Cath, I think you have been living in the US too long! A Koala is not a bear! But I do love that Aussie fabric in your quilt.

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  9. I know this thread is older and have my fingers crossed you might see my post. I fell in love with this quilt and saved the photo for when I was a better quilter. I don’t have many low volume scraps, well actually none at all, so have been buying fat quarters and remnants for over a year now. My question is …. if I make a 80×80 quilt how many times could I possibly duplicate a scrap and not lose the look & essence of a scrap quilt? I understand there is no formula so I’m just hoping for quidance. Your scrap quilts are the best I’ve ever seen!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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