Modern Sampler Quilt

Today I wanted to share with you another one of the beautiful quilts members of my Quilt Guild made for our charity program.

modern sampler quilt

This amazing Modern Sampler quilt was pieced using blocks that members of the Guild made a couple of years ago as part of our BOM program.  One of our members, Michelle took a bag of blocks and whipped up this amazing top… using fun strips of solid colours to make the different sized blocks work.

quilt detail

I love the colour way… that purple and aqua in particular make me very happy.

quilt detail 2

Another of our fabulous members, Colleen Barnhardt of The Quilted Thistle then took the top and wove her magic all over it.  Colleen has only been quilting on a long arm for under a year which is so hard to believe because she is so AMAZING!

quilting detail 4

She quilted the most fabulous array of patterns over the different blocks…

quilting detail

The quilting adds so much to this quilt…. and my photos do not do it justice…

quilting detail 3

And all around the border of the quilt, Colleen added a geometric pattern in variegated cotton that just adds the most perfect border and bought the quilt together.

edge quilt detail

Yesterday I dropped off this quilt, and 11 others (including Wonky Trees) to Camp Erin, a local camp for kids who dealing with the death of someone close to them.   I am so proud that our Guild does such great work for such good causes.

7 thoughts on “Modern Sampler Quilt

  1. Love the expession of the quilt ….. and the colours. And such an amazing quilting done – do not believe that she only has been doing that for a year 😊

  2. It’s a wonderful piece of work, and I can see why you love the hits of purple and aqua – they make the quilt smile where it might otherwise be quite serious because of the limited palette.

  3. Aw, a wonderful quilt! Those quilts are coming at such an important time in a child’s life. I wish I had thought of a quilt or something similar when my step-mother asked if I wanted any of my father’s clothing. It would have meant a great deal to my daughter and I. But I think any quilt at the time would have been extremely comforting and meaningful to my daughter. Anyway, I kind of got off topic there. I really wanted to just say, YAY! All of you rock for giving your time and expertise in making beautiful things for the rest of the world! I have finally found the guild in my area and I can’t wait to be a part of it! I can only hope that it’s as good as yours!

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