A growing EPP obsession…

Over the last couple of weeks I have been gallivanting to a wedding in Southern California, traipsing around Disneyland and teaching a bunch of wonderful 8 to 10 years old sew doll clothes.  It has been fun and action packed, but there has been only a sprinkling of quilting… and all of it has been English paper piecing.

My go to travel project has become my new obsession…  For the California trip I packed my mini Liberty dresden kit…

dresden travel kit

… I managed to get quite a few dresdens blades done while sitting on the plane or by the pool…

Liberty dresdens

… I have become a little obsessed with finding little scraps of Liberty to add to this project…

Liberty dresden scale

… and I really do mean mini scraps.  I can get two blades easily from a 2 1/2 inch square!

My other ongoing summer travel project, my hexagon pelt, has gone with me to games nights, picnics and camping….

travelling hexagon kitI grab this kit regularly when we are heading ona  long drive or out to events… just in case I get time to baste a few  hexies….

hexagon travel kit

I also have just started basting some mini Cotton and Steel hexies.  I had so many little scraps of fabric left over after making a couple of Cotton and Steel mini quilts for the swap (check out the post here to see two of them) that could not got to waste so…

cotton and steel hexagons

The C+S hexagons were made from scraps that were too small for my main hexagon pelt (main pelt hexie size is 1 inch)…

hexagon sizesNow three EPP projects on the go at the same time might seem excessive, but I am sure I can handle a couple more…. you see, last week for my birthday I got these books…

EPP books

..and the July copy of Love Patchwork and Quilting which had this free gift with it…

I heart patchwork packet

…plus I also discovered that you can use the EQ7 quilting program to print out quilt blocks in segments….. I think my obsession with hand work may have only just started…

22 thoughts on “A growing EPP obsession…

  1. I found a Fiskars hexie punch, extra large, that gives me a 1″ per side hexagon to make my paper pieces with. I use a Crop-a-dial 1/4″ punch to put a hole in the cardstock.

  2. So, I am not alone… Of all the people obsession could have struck, you are the most deserving! One day, you’ll have stitched together all the flowers you need for your husband’s quilt, and people will look at it and marvel, and tell you they don’t know where you find the patience. You will nod and smile, but secretly you know that *you just have to keep making hexies*! All Points Patchwork is a wonderful book and suit both complete novices and people who’ve been ‘hexing’ a while. And one final thing: I’ve re-used all my hundreds and hundreds of hexie papers at least three or four times, so it’s not really necessary to keep making or buying them. The corners do go a bit round after a while, but you learn to compensate.

  3. I like your idea for using that sew together bag for just one project. Did you use a template to make the dresdens or is there a paper piecing Dresden? I ask because I just learned how to make one with a template and I sewed it on my machine.

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  5. I need to get my hands on those books! Love the dresden shapes too ❤ I can't wait to expand my EPP skills, thanks for posting on this!

  6. EPP is great for out and about, and so addictive. I really, really, really love your Liberty dresdens and so tiny too! “All Points Patchwork” is a super book, and I also recently got “Hexagons, Diamonds, Triangles, and More: Skill-Building Techniques for 60-Degree Patchwork” by Kelly Ashton which has loads of ideas in too so definitely a case for having more than one EPP project on the go 🙂

    • The white plastic one is an old IKEA container I inherited from a friend. The wonderful pouch/bag was made for me by another friend. In the past I have used metal pencil cases and containers from the $1 bin at Target.

  7. You and me both!!! You said it–travel and being out and about requires a portable, small project and EPP is perfect! I’m being sucked down that rabbit hole of creativity, too! It’s fabulous 😉

  8. I’ve just recently got the bug…and cannot wait to do more and more! They are the perfect project for evening work or to take on the go! Love your dresdens…so tiny and cute!

  9. I could never see what the fuss with EPP was about – then I made some Liberty hexis, and now I am making an EPP pillow as my slow project. This form f sewing should come with a warning:
    “Can cause serious addiction”
    Love those liberty dresdens too.

  10. Those dresdens are just delish! I can totally relate to your EPP obsession. I never thought I’d enjoy it but as soon as I tried it I was completely hooked and always have at least two different project pouches filled and ready to bring with me when I’m out and about. I usually work to my own designs which I really enjoy, although it can be time consuming to cut all my own papers. My husband has a silhouette cameo and that is brilliant for mass cutting shapes, especially when I want a lot of smaller ones such as 1/4inch hexies. The only possible downside to my EPP obsession is that it has fed my Liberty addiction but i’ve so many ideas I want to try I don’t think i’ll ever get enough of either!

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