Juggling Dresden Plates…

This week, despite a cold, I managed to finish up another of my outstanding WIP… this one had been sitting in a plastic bag for a couple of years.  It started in December 2013 as a Bee block for the amazing Nicole at Modern Handcraft.

I ended up making a couple of these Dresdens, I loved the first one so much, but they then sat unused for years, until now…

dresden quilt

This was a pretty quick project to finish up…. First I took my four finished Dresdens and a couple of yards of red pin dots by Lake House….

quilt detail

Because I could free float the Dresdens anywhere on the quilt it was fun to play with an off kilter lay out.

quilting detail 2

When I was happy with the placement of each plate, I spray basted them to the backing fabric, and then sewed around each Dresden.

dresden plate

I then went in and cut out as much of the backing fabric as I could out of the center of the each Dresden, just to cut some of the bulk out of the top…

dresden back detail

All that was left was to quilt it – I went with a off center grid pattern and my trusty cream Aurifil thread ….

dresden detail

And bind it – I used scrappy solids and machine binding to finish her up…


The finished quilt ended up measuring 44″ x 65″ which is an unusual size for me, but I think it will be the perfect size for someone’s bed….

34 thoughts on “Juggling Dresden Plates…

  1. Red, white and gray…my absolute favouritist colour combination!! And the backing fabric, oh my goodness..may I ask what it is?? This quilt us BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Love what you did with these. I’ve been toying with the idea of Dresden plates, but wasn’t in love with the way they are often used. This is a great fresh approach.

  3. Your Dresden quilt is wonderful. I’ve never been a huge fan of Dresden plate quilts. All of the ones I’ve seen have been rows of squares with a Dresden Plate on each one. That just didn’t appeal to me. But your quilt is singing to me. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  4. Very nice; and good idea to cut out the bulk. I wish I had done that on some blocks I made when I was learning to do piecing. Actually I’m still learning . . .

  5. What a clever way to finish the dresdens without y seams and a lot of cutting and fitting. Such an innovative idea. Don’t know why my mind never sees the easy solution. Hooray for another WIP done.

  6. I love the red, white and grey of this. Why are red pin dots the perfect background for just about everything?
    I agree that cutting out the back is a good idea, but every time I do it I am so nervous about snipping something I shouldn’t. Is that just me?

  7. What a lovely combination of colors! I like the layout, dresden plates are beautiful, but in block-by-block layouts, it tends to look like a busy mess. Not this way!

  8. This is absolutely fantastic, Cath! I love the colours. I’ve only made a couple of dresden blocks and I love the look of them, yours is so inspiring!! Thank you for participating in the Finish-A-Long, on behalf of the 2016 hosts!

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