Another Good Finish…

This week I wanted to share one of the Do Good Stitches quilts I have finally got finished… the guilt over the number of DGS tops I have done is weighing on my conscience a little…

dgs cross quilt

These blocks were a year or so old before I finally got them into a presentable state.  I really like this block but it was a little problematic as a bee block…

dgs detail 2


Not all the seams matched perfectly as different people made the blocks on different sewing machine.  I learnt from this quilt that I needed blocks that had a bit more wiggle room for variance – i.e. do not have seams that must align for the pattern to work.

dgs quilt detail 3

I do like the finished quilt regardless of my seam issues… it is a rare boy appropriate quilt. There is always a desperate need for boys quilts at the hospital and I am trying to make more gender neutral quilts but the call of pink is hard to resist!

dgs quilt back

As an added bonus you get a shot of the scrappy back just so that you can admire Mr Wombat’s finger pose.  He is obsessed with sticking his pinkies out when he holds the quilts… which means you have a couple of months of quilt photos with feet and pinkie fingers.  He insists it is his signature move!

26 thoughts on “Another Good Finish…

  1. Love the colors. Love even more that all of us have wonky seam alignments! That just make it truly Handmade. Rather like Mr.Wombat’s waving pinkies!

  2. Beautiful boy quilt. The Husband of Chiconia would like to pass Mr Wombat a message: “What’s the deal with the pinkies, mate? You want everyone to think you’re a Pom?” (I’m staying out of this one…)

  3. I love the quilt pattern and the colors. I don’t think any boy (or girl) will mind the minute “issues” with the seams. It’s a beautiful quilt! And smiling big because of that pinkie storie. Thanks!

  4. I love the way that black square in the lower right corner of the background seems to be floating up and invading the foreground. Was that planned or did it just happen? Beautiful work!

  5. This is a great boy quilt. I think Mr. Wombat is ready for the Olympic scoring with his signature move. What a good team you make!

  6. If I were nearby I’d offer you a balloon to lift off that weight. By my reckoning you are responsible for an extraordinary number of charity quilts that go out into the world to make babies, children and adults happy. Thank you for helping the Guild make all these quilts happen! <3.

  7. Don’t feel guilty. You are doing a great job for a great cause. This is a really stylish quilt that a young boy would love but not grow out of.
    I hear you on the call of pink, the shortage of boy-appropriate quilts and the difficulty of bee-appropriate blocks with wriggle room.
    I am a fan of the pinkie signature move!

  8. This is lovely. I get what you say about certain blocks not working as well as others for a bee quilt. Yay for this finish tho!

  9. I’ve put Quilts together from donated blocks so I’m very acquainted with your challenges. We all have different techniques. The quilt looks beautiful inspite! Tell your “quilt holder” I think he’s doing a great job, pinkies out and all. 🙂

  10. With 15 nephews (including 4 greats) and 8 grandsons I often think in male oriented fabrics when I make purchase. Pinks were hard to find in my stash but I have two pink loving nieces and friends having girl babies so I am buying more pink lately.
    Good for you to find a way to make bee blocks work. I have a sets of bee blocks that I still have not found a way to work in my projects. I know eventually they will get passed along to some other industrious quilter to use.

  11. Mr. Wombar looks quite gentlemen like with his pinkies out…. It is a signature move. The quilt is adorable. It would be great in all types of color ways!

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