Pretty little thing…

Another 2017 finish for you this Friday, this time a little baby quilt I made…

pink drunkards path

This darling little quilt was made using the AccuQuilt  3 1/2 inch Drunkards Path die… I ran some of my pink and grey scraps through my cutter and had some fun.  The main problem with the cutter is that the curved units are so small and I did not have the patience to make a ton more curved blocks, so I improvised…

pink drunkards path detail

Or you could call it cheating… but I added some simple 4 inch patchwork squares in the middle of the the circles to get a decent sized quilt quickly.

pink circle detail

I liked the effect and I had another die to cut those squares too… really cheating.  I also kept the quilting simple and viola I had a finished quilt pretty quickly.

quilt and potted plant

Some scrappy binding and a single piece of fabric for the backing and I was done and the quilt was ready to gift to the local Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Quilt Details:

Block:  Drunkards Path using AccuQuilt 3 1/2 inch Die
Fabric:  Pink & grey scraps
Size:  36 x 46 inches

40 thoughts on “Pretty little thing…

    • Lynne I am having a blast with the AccuQuilt. I originally got it to help with all the Charity Sew Days I do – it makes cutting fabric so easy. But not I use it in my own work all the time. It is fun to play with.

  1. In knitting, one mistake is just that. A mistake. Repeat it and now it is a pattern. I like the addition. It makes the Drunken Squares pop out.

    • I like that sentiment Sam. Thanks. Though I must admit my mistakes in knitting tend to lead to disaster – I always end up with more stitches that I cast on and usually have a couple of nice holes in my work.

  2. I believe the term you’re looking for is “artistic license”, and it made for a lovely quilt that can be enjoyed sooner.

  3. Definitely not cheating. That’s called ‘taking a pragmatic design decision in order to achieve maximum impact with minimum effort’. Hurray for die cutters! It’s a darling little quilt.

    • Kaelyn I was so afraid of curve blocks but now I have done some many that the fear is gone. The bigger the block the easier it is and if all else fails think about glue basting the curve before you sew it.

  4. Lovely and so sweet, Cath. Not cheating in my book either. I once made 16 two inch DP blocks–sheesh! Never again! I love the block, but any more of them will be bigger!

  5. I think the votes strongly suggest that no one thinks you have in anyway cheated!
    It is a gorgeous little baby quilt and your generosity is going to soothe and brighten some parent’s day at what may be a very stressful time.

    • Sue I also got the idea that people did not think I was cheating… which is good. I will keep that in mind next time I decided to “cheat” a little so as to not have to make more blocks!

    • It seems like a life time ago that I was deathly afraid of curves. I am so glad that I was challenged to make curved blocks for a Bee… I have discovered though that the bigger the curve the easier they are. Next lot of curves are going to be bigger than 4 inches finished!

  6. Your quilt is adorable! Love the colors and design and the squares just add to it. If you hadn’t mentioned them, anyone would have thought that you designed it that way.

  7. I like how your quilt turned out. I don’t think you were cheating with different techniques you have done. A job well done.

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