A Rolling Square kind of day….

Welcome to the continuing saga that is Paper Piecing Monday…. I really did not know when I started this tradition it would last this long and produce so many patterns.  This week I have another Hodge Podge block…and another Rolling block, this time the Rolling Square.

rolling square block

I really love these blocks in miniature and I am hankering to make a mini quilt using this pattern.  There is so much you can do with it… all you need is a pattern sheet and some coloured pencils.  So grab some pencils, print out the Rolling Square colouring sheet and let your imagination run wild. Here is one I made earlier…

rolling squares

Once you have finished playing with colour placement, download the pattern for the 6 inch block and get creating…. Rolling square pattern

Texas Flower Block for Paper Piecing Wednesday…

So somehow Monday came and went without a paper piecing pattern….and so did Tuesday.  Not sure what happened but in Sesame Street styling this week’s Paper Piecing Monday is being bought to you by Wednesday, the colour green and the state of Texas…..

texas flower block

This traditional pattern is called the Texas Flower and there are a couple of variations on this in the older pattern books…but I went with the simpler version.

As with all my Hodge Podge blocks so far you can find the free pattern for this 6 inch block here…. Texas Flower pattern.

A Toad in a puddle…

Okay I may have made this block just because I love the its name….

toad in a puddle block

There are a variety of colouring options for this block… and there is so much you can do with it.  The block is made up of four identical pieces…

block parts

And they can also be arranged in different ways.  Lots of fun to be had with this one.  The free paper piecing pattern for my 6 inch version can be found here….Toad in a puddle pattern.

I may have to play with this pattern and make another block just for fun.

Rolling Stone Hodge Podge block…

I am starting this week with the addition of the Rolling Stone block to my Hodge Podge sampler….

rolling stone block

I love this pattern and I have used this block before, when I did complete quilt using a 12 inch version.  For this quilt I did the traditional layout for the block and you can see the completed quilt here if you are interested.

wee wanders block 1

You can find the pattern for my 6 inch version here…rolling stone pattern  For the 12 inch pattern I used Don’t Call Me Betsy’s great tutorial.

My plan is to get at least one more Hodge Podge pattern posted this week… so stay tuned….

Laced Star Hodge Podge…and a winner….

My little break from blogging has had quite an effect on me….I got into some bad habits and need to get back into the swing of posting….  Paper Piecing Monday seems to be very ingrained in my process but the rest needs some work.

So without further ado here is today’s pattern, the Laced Star….

laced star block

I really like this pattern, and not just because I have a thing about paper pieced stars!  The traditional colouring of this block gives the star a different look….


….giving the star some lovely movement.  You can find the free paper piecing pattern for this 6 inch block here… laced star pattern

And the last order of business is to let you know the winner of the Glass Half Full bundle was Wendi who was chosen by the very scientific method of my husband picking a number between 1 and 151 and that numbered comment won.  Very high-tech I know.