Colour Play – Grey

The last week or so I have been playing with a different kind of colour combination…one that really has not got a lot of “colour” in it.  My inspiration was a very old photo that hangs on our living room wall…

family photo(Please note..I can neither confirm or deny that I am in this photo).

Anyway I have always loved black and white photographs, which really are more grey and white than black and white, and thought why not play with greys in a quilt.  The end result was this block…

grey white blockI used another fabulous free paper piecing pattern from Quilters Cache called Atlantic Sea.   The block pieces look rather strange and a pattern is not immediately obvious.

block piecesBut when you put more and more of the blocks together you get this wild, slightly mesmerizing pattern.

grey white quilt wipI think as this quilts grows more and more patterns and shapes will become visible.  It is really a little trippy but cool.