Finally back in the Pink…WIP Wednesday

It has been a couple of quilts since I raided my pink fabric stash and I was having withdrawal symptoms.  This was the cure…..

hourglass quilt block

I am using an old pattern called “stick something in the middle” which I first used many many years ago, mainly to highlight fussy/novelty prints.   When I dusted the pattern off, I saw it a little differently.  stickmiddle5I can no longer find the original link to this pattern or Mary Ann’s site unfortunately.  So hopefully you can just pull the pattern off this blog directly and use it, if you want.

work spaceSo this week my work space (our living room) is full of pink and yellow fabric, and gold thread is replacing grey on my husbands shirt!  The space may look at little messy but there is method in the chaos.

So I am slowly adding blocks to my pile.  As I have been progressing with this quilt I have been adding a few more fabrics – mainly some darker pinks and a few oranges.  I felt the quilt needed a little more punch.

pile of quilt blocks

I will post photos of the finished quilt in the coming weeks.

18 thoughts on “Finally back in the Pink…WIP Wednesday

  1. Great colors! I tried to email you back for your comment asking what a certain fabric was on my blog but for some reason you come up as a no-reply blogger???

  2. Just found out it is a wordpress issue…. and there does not seem to be a way around it. So for some people my email shows up and others it does not. I am new to blogging so I have just learnt something new!

  3. Oh, I love the pink/yellow combo, that’s something new (at least to me!). And thank you for leaving such a kind comment on my blog today (you are a no reply blogger for me). Happy sewing!

  4. Great color combination, so dynamic and positive! It just made my day! Here in Switzerland it’s foggy, snowy and rainy, just what I needed!

  5. I LOVE these blocks. The colors are so rich. And teeny tiny sea horses 😀 :D! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

    I also want to thank you for the comments on my blog post today!

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  7. I love your quilt. The colours are fabulous, a favourite combo of mine too. Looked at your pattern but not sure how to make it. I assume you just cut 4 strips to fit round the 5″ square and then cut the triangle corners but what were the dimensions?

    • I will have to get into the habit of putting dimensions on my patterns. The square I used for the Miss Banana’s quilt was 6 inches – the center square is 4.25 inches and the outer band is 1 inch. Using a quarter inch seam your center square would be 4.75 inches with a 1.5 inch band, then a 1 inch wide triangle. What I love about paper piecing is that you can scale your pattern up or down. I have also made this block much smaller with the center being 3 inches big. The pattern takes on a really difference feel when it is that small and there are more blocks in your quilt.

  8. I love this block and have used it for several different quilts. I think the one I had the most fun with was one I called opposites attract where I used the same fabrics in exact opposite spaces. It could be set up similar to a log cabin with a large center square. I also made several I spy quilts for children who were long term hospital patients.

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