Finally a proper finish

Today I am happy to say I finally finished a quilt – quilted, bound and labeled.  It has been two weeks since I finished a quilt and I was feeling a little antsy about it all.   So without further ado, here she is…

square in square modern scrap quilt

If you are a regular to the site you will have seen this quilt in various stages of production, but she is now all finished!

I must admit I have struggled today to get her photographed properly. The lighting conditions have not been at all co-operative, but fourth time is a charm.

quilt detail

I did straight line stitching using a magenta thread.  I really did not know what colour thread to go with – white did not seem right, navy was a little too dark, green too light.  The thread choice is okay but it is not quite what I wanted.  Too late now right!

quilt back

I backed the quilt with some IKEA fabric that I thought went well.  Bright and cheery.

quilt back detail

The quilting is quite effective on the back of the quilt at least!

back and front

I bound in solid navy.  It is my go to binding and just seems to bring everything together nicely.

quilt label

I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts  for Friday finishes.

Have a great weekend!

30 thoughts on “Finally a proper finish

  1. Cath, I love the backing – I hadn’t even thought about Ikea fabric … I have a huge piece of a really bold print. I will definitely think of a way to incorporate that! This looks beautiful, and you’re right, the quilting on the back is awesome!

  2. Very nice finish – the backing is perfect and the quilting is great. Sometimes light gray or golden thread (like jeans are sewn with) works for quilts like this that are both light and dark but neither would have been better than magenta. Also – quilts are finished when they are bound and labeled (some say washed and dried, too) but there is the photography, and the posting to flickr and blogs – so finished isn’t finished until all of that is done, too. No wonder a couple of weeks slip by.

    • I had not thought of using a grey or gold thread. Thanks for the tip. Grey is a good neutral colour and I have tones of grey thread so next time I am in a pickle I will reach for it. Thanks.

  3. Very pretty quilt – and I love that backing! Isn’t IKEA the best??? As far as thread goes, I’d suggest keeping a good supply of neutrals on hand. I keep white, cream, tan, light and dark taupe, and three or four shades of gray, and those are what I use the most, rather than a color in the quilt. If you will lay the thread across the quilt, covering several blocks, you can get an idea of what it will look like when quilted.

    Whoop whoop for a pretty finish!

    • Thanks for the advice. I lay out the fabric and try out the binding but never thought to do the same thing with cotton. As for IKEA, I love it. You can find the most fabulous fabric there and it is usually extra wide.

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