Not just one tree in the forest…

Today I am spending the day delivering the latest batch of Portland Modern Quilt Guild charity quilts to a couple of charities around town…. so over the next couple of days I would like to share some of the beauties that are being dropped off starting with…

wonky tree quilt

Our wonderful wonky tree quilt.  Now if you have been following me for a while you will have seen a version of this quilt last year, when we made our first wonky tree charity quilt…  you can check out my original post for tips on making the blocks

Finished quilt top

This quilt block has become an annual exercise and makes for such a fun Sew Day.  Basically anything goes tree wise and this year was no different.  We had differently shaped trees…

different types of treesReally big trees…

different size trees

And really small trees….

some tiny trees

The forest is so varied and every one has a blast just making what ever type of tree they wanted… there is no right or wrong but most people kept within the 8 inch square guideline….

quilt detail

We used lots of our donated scraps, and I love this exercise in particular because it allows us to use up  some of the browns and olive greens we have in our donated charity stash… colours that are not always easy to use in kids quilts.

one of my trees

I always throw in some bright greens to the mix to add a splash of vibrancy to the forest.

To finish it all off the amazing Nancy Stovall of Just Quilting, did an awesome job.  She choose an all over pattern that hints at the wind blowing through the trees.  I love it so much.

quilting detail

For the back of the quilt one of our fabulous volunteers, Betty, made a huge tree block….

quilt back

..that was just perfect for the back.  This quilt was truly a wonderful group effect… thanks goes out to everyone who played along and helped make this wonderful forest.

24 thoughts on “Not just one tree in the forest…

  1. Wonderful. I made a tree quilt in an afternoon about 25 years ago. A quilt group I belonged to was putting on an exhibition on the theme of wood in a local chateau, and the group leader decided at the very last minute that she needed something to hang over the doorway. Speedy Gonzales will do it ( I am no longer Speedy) and so I did, thrown together with minimal quilting. You’ll find it here:

  2. That’s a lovely quilt – I like the so different trees and the quilting. PS: Thanks for yet another charity quilt post. I finished my first charity quilt and my friends told me, I was crazy to just give it away. Well quilting and especially charity quilts is not common in Germany… so thanks for the online moral support 🙂

    • Sometimes it is hard to give away the quilts but I know first hand how much comfort and joy they can bring. I started making quilts for the local children’s hospital where my sister was a nurse. I got to see how much my quilts were loved and treasured. I am so glad you have been brave enough to send your beautiful creation into the world, not really knowing where it will end up but believing it will do good. Bravo.

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