A fabulous little Bee Block

It has been a while since I posted any of the Do Good Stitches quilt blocks I have been making.  Every month I make blocks as part of this charity Bee and I love it.  I look forward to the first of the month when the new pattern is put up on our Flickr Group and I always eagerly make the blocks.  I love being challenged to make things that I would not usually make in colour schemes I may not necessarily think to put together.

Twice a year I get to be the Queen and set the block and in June I choose this block and colour scheme for my month….

scrappy star block

The block is from a free pattern by Clover and Violet which they originally put up as part of a Christmas quilt they were making.  The colour tweaks I made changed how the finished block looks and made for a striking quilt top…

Do Good Stitches scrappy star quilt

I love how the yellow strings make a grid pattern and the stars just pop.  Each of my fellow Do Good Bee members made two blocks, so there is so much variety in the stars, which I LOVE.

quilt top detail 2

One of my favorite bits about being Queen Bee is getting to see all the blocks as they come in and ohh and ahh over the fabric used (I may have a bit of stash envy!).

quilt top detail

When these blocks came in I absolutely fell in love with the Barbar fabric one of my fellow quilters used…

barbar fabric

I have not seen this fabric before and am now obsessed with getting my hands on some.  It is so fabulous.  This quilt top is now awaiting quilting and binding and then it will go out into the world to Do Good!  I am Queen again in November and I have already started planning what block I am going to set.

26 thoughts on “A fabulous little Bee Block

  1. I love how a whole new pattern emerges when they’re sewn together. I keep switching the colours in my head to see what it would look like with brights and black or dark grey – fabulous! Thank you for the pattern link, I think I may be using it soon!

  2. Beautiful! I belong to CHERISH Do Good Stitches and I agree with you about the excitement of the new block each month 🙂

    • Heather for each block you need… eight (8) x two (2) inch squares of the blue/Aqua fabric and one (1) x 3 1/2 inch square of Aqua. Then eight (8) x 2″ x 5″ rectangles of the yellow fabric and finally four (4) x 5 inch squares of low volume for the background. This quilt took twenty blocks so you will need about 1 1/4 yards of low volume….3/4 of a yard of blue for stars and 1 yard of yellow.

      • Thanks so much, am trying to make a baby quilt using Urban zoologie for 5 in squares and bright color for star/stripe.

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