Free Paper Piecing Patterns

Below is links to free paper piecing patterns I have designed or used to make quilts on this site.  Just click on the picture of the pattern you are interested in and it will take you directly to the pattern, either on this site or on outside sites.

Some of the patterns are JPEGs that you can just pull off to your desktop and others are PDF’s that you can download.  Have fun with them.  Create beautiful things.

butterfly block 1
Butterfly block by Lillyella
paper pieced star pattern
Star String Paper Pieced pattern
grey white block
Atlantic Sea by Quilters Cache
square in square modern scrap quilt block
Square in Square Paper Piecing Block
modern scrap quilt take on gretchen block pattern
Gretchen block by Quilters Cache
WQ chocolate shoo fly block
Fly Foot 2 block by Quilters Cache
paper piecing pattern stick something in the middle quilt block
In the Middle Paper Piecing Pattern
paper piecing night & day quilt block in modern grey & green
Night and Day block by Quilters Cache
hunter star block pieces
Hunters Star by Quilters Cache
paper pieced flying geese mini block
Mini Flying Geese Block by Wombat Quilts
Ellens Snowball block
Ellens Snowball by Wombat Quilts
pinwheel snowball quilt block
Pinwheel Snowball by Wombat Quilts
Cactus Snowball block
Cactus Snowball by Wombat Quilts
Spikey Snowball
Spikey Snowball by Wombat Quilts
free paper piece pattern
Snowballs and Stars by Wombat Quilts
Fireworks pinwheel block
Fireworks Pinwheel block by Wombat Quilts
special spin block
Special Spin Block
fractured star
Fractured star by Wombat Quilts
free pape pieced pattern
Stripey Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper pieced star block
Turning Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper piecing pattern
Alternating Star by Wombat Quilts
8 inch paper pieced star
Inner Star by Wombat Quilts
lonely star quilt block
Lonely Star block by Wombat Quilts
modern scrap star quilt block
Sunny Star block by Wombat Quilts
8 inch star quilt block
Nick’s Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper piecing block
Star petal by Wombat Quilts
swirling star quilt block
Swirling Star by Wombat Quilts
WQ Sharp Star
Spikey Star by Wombat Quilts
Starrry Night block 1
Starry Night block by Wombat Quilts
Triforce star
Triforce Star by Wombat Quilts
stamp star
Stamp Star by Wombat Quilts
Straight star block
Straight Star by Wombat Quilts
Twisting Star block
Twisting Star by Wombat Quilts
fan star
Fan Star by Wombat Quilts
Crest star
Crest Star by Wombat Quilts
opgivewarmth may block 3
ET Phone Home by Lily’s Quilts
WQ House block 2
WQ House Block No. 2
House quilt block
WQ House Block No. 1
free paper pieced star block
Atomic Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper piecing pattern
Lost Geese Block by Wombat Quilts
Neon squares block
Neon Square block by Wombat Quilts
WQ Neon Block 2
Neon snow ball block by Wombat Quilts
paper pieced star block
Neon Star by Wombat Quilts
paper pieced star block
Starry Night 8 inch block by Wombat Quilts
paper pieced star
Twinkle by Quilting on the Square
free paper pieced star block
Diamond in the rough by Quilting on the Square
Starry night Cactus Compass block
Cactus Compass block by Quilting on the Square
paper pieced star quilt block
Rolling Star Pattern by Quilting on the Square
Paper pieced fox block
Paper pieced fox from Forest QAL
modern scrap paper pieced star
Penny Lane by 627Handworks
Paper pieced block
Icky thump by 627Handworks
Free paper piecing star block
Global Concepts by 627Handworks
modern paper piecing star block
Mercury Block by 627Handworks
free paper piecing pattrn
Zeppelin paper piecing pattern by 627handworks
Garfunkel paper pieced quilt block
Garfunkel paper piecing block by 627Handworks
bright modern paper pieced block
Bowie paper piecing pattern by 627Handworks
final paper piecing star  block
Feathered Compass block by Quilting on the Square
red aqua paper piecing star quilt block pattern
Flying Home by Quilting on the Square
paper piecing star block 1
Spinning Points by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua free
Celebration by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua free pattern
Kaleidoscope by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua
Wheel of Fortune by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua
Compass of many colors by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua modern free
Holiday Compass by Quilting on the Square
finished paper piecing star block
Snow Crystals Star by Quilting on the Square
Paper Piecing star 2
County Fair Compass by Quilting on the Square
paper piecing star block 1a
Which Way North by Quilting on the Square

249 thoughts on “Free Paper Piecing Patterns

  1. Thank you wonderful patterns. Was looking for the orange and blue design, but can not find it. Wonder if you might add this to the site as mentioned by free. Love all the colours you use as I too like bright colours. Have pinned some too, so I will make sure I find your site again.

      • Where do we buy or get the numbered patterens in Full Size to print for a lap quilt.
        Carol has a lot but I have only seen the mini size patterens in her book.
        I am really new at this and I cant get enough of the patterns to make much.

      • Carol Doak has some wonderful books which have large size patterns. Here 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Star book has 12 inch blocks and some quilt layouts. There are some wonderful books and patterns out there that give you layouts for larger quilts. I have made big quilts using the Icky Thump block and sampler quilts using a variety of the patterns.

  2. Hi. Love the quilt you made for your mum! I would love to have the star pattern from this quilt, second row third block. I find all the free downloads but this one. Can you please tell me where I can get it. Thanks so very much. Bev Dziwenko

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  4. Hello,
    Math teacher here. Doing an interdisciplinary lesson on Colonial Times & Quilting. I have been able to bring the beauty of your craft to many 13 year old’s and they see it as mathematical transformations. They see the Pythagorean theorem. The wonder and the beauty of it all. Thank-you for the free patterns, they work well wit the technology. 🙂

  5. Do you have an actual tutorial on how to paper piece? I would like to design some of my own blocks (trout) for a fly fishing quilt I am making, but I don’t understand paper piecing. Thanks!

  6. Your patterns are so motivational. I can’t wait to try paper piecing, but am forcing myself to finish 4 unfinished quilt before starting something new!

  7. I love your patterns! They’re incredibly easy for a beginner like me. For the Fan Star pattern, there aren’t any numbers assigned. Do you have a list of the order of sewing?

  8. Thanks very much for posting these patterns. I need another hobby like a hole in the head but I’m really looking forward to trying foundation paper piecing. I’ve wanted to try quilting and the paper piecing process appeals to the engineer in me. Well, that . . . and the straight lines. 🙂

  9. Thank you for being generous enough to share your knowledge . You have inspired me to try paper piecing. Am now gathering orange and navy fabrics. You have made them look so stunning.

  10. Thanks so much for your amazing patterns. I have wanted to try paper piecing for a while but have been really intimidated. I used your swirling star pattern and it’s absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Can you recommend one over the others for a beginner?? I’d like to try but am pretty unsure of myself and this process. Thanks!

    • Cheryl if you are interested in the stars I would start with some of the simpler ones. The 8 inch green stars are good… Nicks, swirling, stamp or stamp are a good place to start. If you want to do a couple of really simple blocks to start the purple arrows and square in a quake blocks are a good basic start. Please do not hesitate to fire me any questions you have.

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  13. These patterns are great! I’m looking for some examples of the quilting used when you assemble several blocks into a mini quilt.

    • Diane

      I have not used any of these patterns in a mini quilt yet. The mini quilts I have quilted I tend to use simple straight line figurations because the quilt tops are so detailed. I do not want to distract too much from the piecing. The larger quilts I have made with star blocks I have had professionally quilted…though I am about to quilt one on my home machine this week. My hope this helps.

  14. Please post the pp pattern of the red and turquoise star. It’s beautiful but I don’t find it in the FREE pattern list. Thank you kindly.

    • Debe the pattern you are looking for are from the book 50 Fabulous Paper Piecing Stars by Carol Doak. It is a great book full of amazing stars and is well worth the purchase of you are making a star quilt.

  15. Wow! I love your page! All the free pattern blocks are awesome! Thanks for taking the time to do that! It’s so nice when fellow quilters share their ideas and patterns!

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  17. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous patterns – I am looking forward to playing with them.
    I really appreciate the time and effort that you have put into making and putting them online.

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  19. I was downloading the pattern Ellen’s Snowball and it said 4 of this page and 4 copies of Pattern Section “B” needed to make one block. Where is section “B”

  20. I love paper piecing – thank you so much for sharing these patterns. I am going to have heaps of fun playing with these.

  21. You have just made an amateur quilter very happy – I may never have to buy a paper pattern at all, looking at this beautiful list.

  22. As I am just learning I REALLY appreciate the ability to practice and love the blocks you are sharing. Thank you for making my learning process FUN!

  23. I’m new to sewing and am really excited to get into quilting. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work and thank you even more for sharing your patterns! I’m really inspired and excited to get started!

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  26. OMG! I just found everything I could every want in a paper piecing pattern on this page! Thank you so much!!

  27. I have a pile of copies of a paper piece design but lost the picture. Top says Spinners Quilt and bottom says Laurie’s Block BB24. How can I get a pic of this so I can plan and do the quilt?

    • Pat this is not one of my patterns and not a pattern I am familiar with. I would suggest googling the key words and seeing if you can find what you are looking for that way.

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  31. Hi Cath. Love your quilts!! You’ve posted so many awesome patterns here I hate to ask for one I cannot find but you call it a modern Ohio star pattern and it is featured on your blog in dark blue and acid green on 20 February 2013. Is there a pattern somewhere for that? Love it and I’d like to make a tabletop quilt for xmas for my mom, in a red and green pathway. I just love the way that pattern makes your eye jump around . Thanks so much !

    • Hi Jen. That pattern is from Carol Doak’s book “50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars”. The book is a great resource that I use all the timeand it is available on Amazon. There are 50 patterns in the book but the patterns can be mixed and matched for amazing results. Hope that helps.

      • Hi Cath : thanks. I was able to find that book in the library and it does have an Ohio block in it, but it sure doesn’t look like the one I am referring to on your site. The finished quilt is called citron-arrow quilt, if that helps clarify?

  32. I’m a little slow but just found the perfect pattern for my granddaughter. Your Modern Star paper piece. Am excited to try it. She’s a different child in her own right as being very independent. I truly believe this would capture everything she loves She wants to be nothing like anyone else and that is fine by me. Am so happy to have found your site.

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