No turkey here…just some Urban Chickens

After a day full of Thanksgiving turkey yesterday, I thought I would stick with the poultry theme, but shake it up a little.  Somewhere in between baking tons and tons of pies this week I managed to finish my Urban Chicken Quilt.

easy modern kids quilt
This block is so fun and so easy to make… I set it as one of my Do.good.Stitches Bee blocks so you will be seeing another version on this site in the next month or so.   My tutorial for making this block can be found here.

finished urban chicken quilt detail 2I really do love how easy this quilt block is.  I think it will be my new “go to” block when I need to get a kids quilt done quickly.   Though next time I think I will put some more prints into the quilt, not just tone on tones.  I also want to try to make one just using solids.  Oh I have too many ideas and not enough time.

finished urban chicken quilt detail 3

For the quilting on this, I just went with straight lines, running either side of the ditch.  At some point, as my FMQ gets better I would like to quilt one of these with “chickens”, that is triangles, all over it.

finished urban chicken quilt detailTo back this quilt I used the last of my IKEA green and blue fabric.  This fabric has been a great way to back my quilts and I am going to keep my eye out for more of it.  The backing is one solid piece, but it looks like I have sewn together a pile of solid fat quarters.

finished urban chicken quilt backThe finishing touch is an electric blue binding… I seem to go through a lot of binding in electric blue for some reason.  It is either that or someone/something is eating my blue binding.

finished urban chicken binding

So there she is…my first finished Urban Chicken quilt.  I am now off to make myself a turkey sandwich… got to love Thanksgiving day leftovers.



22 thoughts on “No turkey here…just some Urban Chickens

  1. That blue’s the perfect colour for the binding. It looks crisp and frames the whole thing. One thing’s for sure: this quilt is no turkey… Sorry, small seasonal joke. At least for Australia Day we don’t end up with pounds of leftover poultry!

  2. Hi! I love your quilt! So great block and beautiful fabrics! I hope to make something with your block! Have a wonderful December! x Teje

  3. Brilliant! Nothing new there – that’s what you give us! I am interested in your label – can you give me details where you found such nice graphics?

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