The joy of a good Crossword Puzzle…

This week I have been working on a top-secret project for Quilt Market so my personal quilting has been at a minimum… but I did manage to squeeze enough personal sewing time in to get my Crossword Quilt top all done…

crossword quiltThis is a very quiet quilt and very simple, but I love it.  The subtly of the pattern is just perfect and adds just the right amount of interest to this low volume quilt.

Crossword Detail

I used white on white tonals, creams and greys for the back ground “newspaper” of the quilt and black and white/cream prints for the crossword section.

font print detailI used as many font or print patterns as I could find, which included raiding a few of my friends, stashes…. special thanks goes to MaryAnn who had some wonderful prints in her collection that she kindly shared.  Oh and of course there is some Pearl Bracelet… I can’t make a scrap quilt without surreptitiously sneaking it in somewhere!

crossword detail 2This top is a big one… 67.5 x 76.5.  I actually played with the original pattern a little to make the quilt just a smidgen smaller than the on in “A month of Sundays”.  The book actually encourages you to make up your own crossword, which is kind of fun.

So this is the point in the post where I admit I don’t understand the joy of a good crossword puzzle.  My mum does them everyday but they frustrate me no end…oh and do not get me started on the craziness that is cryptic crosswords.  Seriously they make no sense at all.

21 thoughts on “The joy of a good Crossword Puzzle…

  1. This is really interesting and given Ive not really looked at creams etc gives a lot of inspiration for a puzzle page quilt top 🙂 Just love it and ohhh secrets, am sure its a great one 🙂

  2. That’s a lovely quilt! Sometimes it’s good to have a rest from lots of colour, and you’ve obviously had heaps of fun both finding the fabrics and putting it together. I think you must have a more visual brain and put a puzzle together with your eyes. Crosswords aren’t for everyone; personally I’m a bit of a mahjongg and sudoku tragic, which started when I needed something to keep my brain active during chemo – I swear I’d have been even more foggy without them!

  3. hahah crossword puzzles frustrate me, too. These days, I help my 4 year old with hers, but don’t even attempt adult newspaper ones. I’d rather read a book, knit, or do some quilting. This is a pretty awesome quilt, though, and a great gift idea for the crossword puzzlers in your (or my) life!

  4. Oh I love it.!
    You did a great job! Does it have the answers on the back? Hahaha
    Wish my dad was still here, I would make this in a heart beat! He love doing the crossword puzzle in the daily paper! He would even have 2 or 3 dictionaries beside his chair! Lol, loved that man!
    Might have to make one anyways. Happy memories !

  5. Love the quilt. I don’t have a crossword fanatic in my life, but I wish I did just to have someone to make it for. I looks like lots of fun. Where are you all finding the word fabrics? I’ve been looking in all the wrong places, apparently. Guess I’ll have to find another quilt shop. Oh, the struggle!

    • Quilt stores online! Is a good place to start. Also,Joann’s had some good fabric. You could reach out to other quilters, they could look for you, and let you know?!

    • I had quite a number of text prints in my stash including some Dr Suess prints, some Alison Glass Sunprints, some Architextures…though a lit of it was older prints. They are definitely out there and it is great to have a few in your stash, even if it is just in fat quarter form.

  6. Love this! And I also love cryptic crosswords, better than regular crossword puzzles. But my all time favorite word puzzle is cryptograms.

  7. This is an awesome quilt! Do you know what you’ll use to back it? Something matching or something bright?

    Also, what is Quilt Market? I’ve been seeing references to it online but I’m not sure what it is.

    • I think I will back it with something quiet to keep with the spirit of the quilt. As for Quilt Market, it is a Fair that happens several times a year where companies launch new fabric lines, patterns, books etc. I made a quilt top using a new line of fabric not yet released for display at a companies booth.

  8. I am soooo with you on crosswords. I majored in English lit so everyone assumes I must like crosswords and word games.. but they really just aren’t my cup of tea. But your quilt definitely is! I love a subtly colored quilt. Maybe someday I’ll make one 😉

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