Arkansas Traveller Quilt

This week I managed to get another quilt off my WIP list….

arkansas traveller quilt

This quilt is a Do Good Stitches quilt from a long time ago.  I actually finished piecing the top in October 2014 and first posted the block pattern in July 2014… actually feeling very guilty about how long this one has been sitting unfinished…

quilt detail

The block is a paper pieced pattern by Lee at Freshly Pieced called Arkansas Traveller.  In setting a paper pieced block for your Bee, you are usually helping your odds of getting block the right size,…. unless some of your fellow Bee members, who are new to paper piecing, print the pattern out a little too small…

sashed blocks

This usually happens when you either print the PDF of the pattern straight from the computer, without saving it to the desktop or if you print the pattern with “scale to fit” box ticked on in the Print dialogue box.

quilt detail 2

When I first got the Bee blocks in and realised some of them were a little small I thought I might have to remake them… but my darling husband suggested sashing and it worked a treat.

arkansas traveller quilt detail

I fully embraced the scrappy feel of this quilt by adding a wonderfully scrappy binding, that used 8 different coloured fabrics…. I ended up attaching the binding, by hand,  with the same variegated yellow thread that I quilted with.

scrappy binding

So another old Work in Progress is done… I was feeling so virtuous about my finishes that I decided to start a new project but more about that next week.

32 thoughts on “Arkansas Traveller Quilt

  1. i love these colors and use them often. Seems like you are finishing a project every day!! You do deserve to start a new one. Congratulations!

  2. what a gorgeous quilt! love the bright colours with the grey backgrounds, and how some blocks are sashed…adds lots of interest to the quilt…think this one will be added to my to do list!

  3. Still quilting mine although mine is more a spider wheel, but similar! But silly me thought she had the purple frixion pen and did a pattern on the white and did three more! Next day had a look and saw the pen and thought put back in the box and to my horror it was an ordinary ballpoint, o no! !!!! To my defense it was 3 am when I marked it as I had one of those white nights where I just could not fall asleep! Thank goodness for google, wet it and sprayed with hairspray that I had to rush out and buy and with my toothbrush went to work! Took three treatments and looking good but am now stuck with stiff squares, hahaha! Wonder if I should just quilt it again and then wash it all !

      • Thank you B, glad I got the pen out as boy, it would’ve ruined the whole quilt and I was not up to unpicking a whole row! But the frixion pens are great, use it on every quilt and no bother, never see the lines at all! Make sure you buy the removable one and in the stationery shop, the quilt shops sell them for double the price!

  4. Falling leaves against a dark autumn sky, that’s what this quilt reminds me of. Less Arkansas, more New England! Lovely job, and I’m very happy to see this one finished, it’s one of my favourites.

  5. Not only did hubby have a great idea, your choice to make those sashings a vivid design element was a brilliant interpretation. When I worked for a software company this was known as turning a “bug” into a “feature”. You’ve executed that with great flair.

  6. Such a wonderfully bright and happy quilt. I love the added sashing to resize the smaller blocks. I think it was a really genius solution to the problem, It really adds something wonderful to the design.

  7. I adore the cheerful orange of this quilt. Your observations about foundation paper piecing and bee blocks are spot on. Yet overall, in spite of the common printing problems, in bees I have had more success with accurate finished sizes with paper than without.
    The sashing works a treat. In orange, it looks like a deliberate accent.

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