Playing with small curves….

On a whim yesterday, I decided to play with a fabric die cut machine a friend has lent me.  I have never used one of these machines before but it seemed like a fun thing to use scraps on… so I grabbed some of my Cotton and Steel scraps and started cutting…

I decided to play with the Drunkards Path die that came with the machine, because it seemed like a great way to make these blocks, as the die cuts both pieces the perfect size….as opposed to the ruler method I have used in the past which leaves you with scrap pieces that are either to small or two big to use.

cut pieces

Anyway some ironing and cutting and an episode of Game of Thrones later I had a pile of curved block pieces….

cuttingNow these pieces make a 3 1/2 inch curved block for a 7 inch finished circle… in other words they are small.  The first thing I have learned with this project is that the smaller the curve you are trying to piece the harder it is to be accurate.  After some struggles aligning the pieces accurately I finally came up with a solution… glue basting.

glue baste 2

Using my Sewline glue pen I glued around the seam line of one of the pieces of the block…


Placed the pieces together, using the notch to align and then carefully finger pressed the pieces together…

press together

It worked like a charm and another episode of Game of Thrones later (we are just finishing up Season 5 so are a little behind)… I had a nice pile of glue basted…

glue basteNow all I have to do sew them… the glue basting will make chain piecing a breeze…



And I will have my block pieces done and ready for me to play with layout….

block layout

I am glad I decided to try the die cut curves… I have learned a lot including the fact that I like my curves big….much bigger than 4 inches….

24 thoughts on “Playing with small curves….

  1. I have wanted to try a D.P. block – watched a few video’s, read a few tutorials, was advised to not make them small. Seeing how you glued them together first then chain pieced them has inspired me even more. Now I need to get a glue pen – I wasn’t sure of the strength of it before but seeing as you had a pile waiting to be sewn then it must be good 🙂 Thanks for this helpful info.

    • I managed to buy the sewline pen from Ebay – I was surprised there was only one seller listed in the UK – all the others were from usa/aussieland – other makes were available but I wanted the sewline one – looking forward to using and abusing it 🙂

  2. Thanks for the advice… Had never considered this pattern, to fiddling for me, but the die cut makes it look easier. Also the glue idea is genius. I wonder if I can use those dies on a paper die cutting machine. I have 2 of those already.

  3. I’ve done a few DP quilts before with a million pins and seeing this has been wonderful especially as I love small. Thankyou for experimenting and of course Game of Thrones. We are almost up to date and we are addicted…

  4. I really like the small version. What machine did you use because I am thinking of purchasing one.
    Cheers eileen

  5. Glue basting–brilliant! I will try this when next I make this block or any other curve. I once did a 12 inch block with 3 inch drunkard’s path blocks. Nightmarish, but I got them done and done right. Can’t wait to see yours put together!

  6. Ooh they are tiny curves! I like that the glue basting means that you can now chain piece these … I’ll keep that tip in the old memory bank 🙂

  7. What glue pen would you reccomend that we can get stateside? How does one get rid of the glue later? And does it affect your fabric in the ling term? Inquiring minds would like to know.

    • Sam I use the Sewline pen which is available stateside. I get my refills at Joanns Fabric. The glue washes out and there have been no long term effect that I have seen yet…I have used this glue the last couple of years. This quilt will go to our local Pediatric Intensive Care unit when done and I will pre wash it before gifting it, just to get rid of the glue and the glue basting I will use.

  8. Looks so beautiful and exciting! I almost expected that you will hand piece them … perhaps because my mind is in hand sewing…just can’t find time or concentrate to sit in my studio. Curves could be nice and easy to sew by hand…have to try. Have a great summer! x Teje

  9. What kind of glue pen are you using? I use Elmer’s washable school glue pens but they aren’t as precise as I would like.

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