Finishing up some more quilts…

I am finally getting around to finishing up and sharing some of my long over due Do Good Stitches quilts…

dgs ohio star quilt

With the Do Good Stitches quilts I do try and challenge myself to do gender neutral or boy orientated quilts.  As a card carrying pink lover it is always difficult to try and keep to a less girly palette.

ohio star quilt

With this quilt I went with a very traditional block but got my fellow Bee members to mix up the blues and to throw in some boy based novelty prints.

ohio star quilt detail

It really like the way it turned out.  The fun quilting was done on the long arm at my local Quilt shop – Modern Domestic.  I can not tell you how much I love having a local shop…  and one that is just 5 minutes drive away.  I am very very spoiled.

pinkie detail

In the next month there are two quilt shops in town closing down, which makes me a little sad.  I love going into Modern Domestic and petting the fabric, getting advice and teaching/taking classes.  I can not imagine what I would do if my LQS shut down.   If you are lucky enough to have a local store make sure you appreciate them and frequent them – they are such an asset and it would a sadder world if we could not physically go and touch the fabric…. stepping off my soap box… and now back to the quilts…

quilt back

For the back of the quilt I used an IKEA pillow case (cut open of course).  I am having a blast using sheet sets and Doona (duvet for non-Queenslanders) covers for the back of my quilts.  Between IKEA and Martha Stewarts Whim sets the novelty print choice is too fun.

helpful helper

And it is thanks again to my trusty quilt holder and pinkie model… Mr Wombat.  He really is getting good at this quilt holding thing!

Quilt details:

Pattern:  12 inch Ohio Star blocks
Makers: Do Good Stitches Hope Circle
Fabric:  Scraptastic – blues & cream/whites
Size:  48 x 60 inches

28 thoughts on “Finishing up some more quilts…

  1. Gorgeous. Not a boy, but I’d love that one myself 🙂 (She said as she lounged back against a luscious background of Liberty butterflies!) I’m so very glad you are blogging a bit more regularly again, so I can get my fix of Wombat Lovelies. And look! You even managed to squeeze in a bit of Pearl Bracelet!

  2. Very pretty quilt. What did you use for batting? I have gotten hooked on charity quilts. Our local does easy 6 1/2″ sq with weave 2 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ around each block. They do not use batting. not liking that idea. I do own longarm and finish the ones I make at home, not at the meeting sew in.

  3. I’ve done a few blocks and quilts with pinks in the past twelve months and it’s becoming a favorite color, so I can sympathize! I love this finish 😍 I never thought to use pillowcases in backing that’s a great tip!!!! Thanks for the inspiration in my day.

  4. Bravo to Mr. Wombat. Let him know we are all eagerly awaiting the day when he will step out from behind the quilt!

  5. Cute quilt! I had a moment of panick, thinking Mr. Wombat had quit the pinkie thing. Then I went back and saw it in the pictures. Phew. Change would be hard, y’know?! Haha! How fun that you have a quilt shop so close. We’ve had several around here close, which is indeed sad.

  6. Another beauty. Love the idea of pillow cases, filing that one away. My closest LQS is about 30 minutes away. This is good and bad, it’s an effort to get there which keeps my wallet safe, but when I just need one little thing, I tend to shop more since I’ve made the trip.

  7. I love your posts! You make me shut down my tablet & run to my machine! I should read you blog 1st thing each day! There’d be a much smaller pile of UFOs in my corner!!

  8. 😍 you have made a wonderful beautiful star blues. never thought of using pillow cases on the back, thank you for the idea,I usually use them on the front and use old sheets from charity shops for the backing.
    I did a simple square one using various jeans from ladies and men’s jeans, some were dark blue, some light blue etc and I was happy with the outcome, thankfully I have several jeans left because you have inspired me to do the beautiful star style along with some extra large men’s blue pattern shirts. Did you use old jeans in yours? I try make each of my patchworks for under ten pounds but then I never use padding (wadding,batting etc) just the patchwork and the backing because some disabled children have skin conditions and need their bedding washed regularly in a specific way and some get frozen to kill of things before they can be given to the sick children. I also make small ones for the kids to cover their legs while in their wheelchair. And smaller ones for the sick little ones. Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work as they are inspiring. Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Neena. Do Good Stitches is a charity bee that has been running for many years. You it was set up by Rachel at Stitched in color. There is usually a waiting list to join a Circle/Bee group but you can find the form to join on a Rachel’s website. If you want to do something less structured there are some wonderful charities that take quilts. Project Linus is nation wide and is always accepting donations. You can find a local chapter at . Hope that helps.

  9. I love the quilt and appreciate the backing tip. I was able to use the top half of an IKEA duvet for a quilt back and still have part of the duvet and a pillow case. Hadn’t thought of using them this way but will definitely do that.

  10. We say doona in WA, too.
    I love how all of your quilts for charity are beautiful. There is nothing second-rate about any of them.
    Great work by your bee mates making blocks with points match up, or was that behind-the-scenes magic on your part?
    We look forward to the next pinkie adventures.

  11. It’s a gorgeous quilt! I agree with you on supporting our LQSs. We are lucky to have a great one that holds our monthly guild meetings…gives us all an opportunity to engage in retail therapy.

    • Oh that would be dangerous for me… who am I kidding I teach in a quilt shop and most of my pay goes back into the store when I buy fabric…. but if the Guid meeting was held there I think I would be in extra trouble as I am always inspired by the Show and Tell which would spur me on to buy more fabric.

  12. I use you’re ideas for charity quilts too. Love this one as I too really try to make as many boy gender ones as possible. This quilt is not only perfect for any guy but has nice simple plain lines/color. Thanks for posting.

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