Kitty Corner Paper Piecing Monday

For today’s paper piecing Monday I present the kitty corner block….

Kitty corner quilt blockAnd yes that is a kitty in the center of the Kitty Corner… I could not resist.   The pattern is another simple square nine patch block, have I mentioned I am obsessed?

To make this block all you need is the 4 1/2 inch simple square pattern (WQ Simple square block) and the Kitty corner component.

block partsI was a little stuck on putting a kitty in the block, so my alternative block layout is not too much different…

kitty cornder block 2But I think there are more exciting possibilities if you are not cat or fussy cut focused.  I would love to see a block with no white space – with a pattern fabric as the background. Maybe if I get time….

Joy Bell Block paper piecing style…

Last week saw the start of my new obsession… 12 inch classic blocks that use a simple square block.  This week I have been playing with another block which I have seen called Joy Bell, Salem and St Gregory’s Cross to name just a few….

joy bell quilt blockThis block is another easy one to put together.  You will need…

block componentsAll these components are 4 1/2 inches unfinished and you can find the pattern for the arrow blocks here….arrow block.  And of course the wonderful simple square, which will be in all the blocks here..WQ Simple square block.

When you have made the components the block is easy to put together, row by row.

block layout.When I was researching I found so many variations on this pattern… the simple layout above was usually called Joy Bell, and I also made a block using the layout referred to as a Salem block…

Salem quilt blockThere are so many possibilities with this block, so to help with the “playing” process I made a colouring sheet (joy bells color sheet), so that you can come up with your own combinations.  Download the sheet, grab some colour pencils and go to work…


Rainbow I Spy Quilt done and dusted

Week two of October and I have another quilt finished despite some walking foot hiccups and a Briar Rose obsession.  This week’s Project Linus finish is a little bit of a cheat – I pulled an old unfinished top out of the cupboard and quilted it up.  But it is still a finish and still counts… right?

Rainbow I spy quilt

I made the top for this quilt about 3 years ago and finishing it up was an interesting exercise which showed me how much my piecing has improved.  All over this quilt there are seams that just do not align…

wonky alighnment

A simple square quilt and my edges are squiffy.  I am a little embarrassed but pleased to say that I have got better over the years.  Plus the small mistakes here and there do not detract from the fun of this quilt.

quilt detail

The colours are bright and the fabric is varied.  There is so much to see in this quilt, it is going to make for a wicked game or two of “I Spy”.  And it is was so easy to put together, lots of 4 1/2 inch blocks in a graduating colour scale.

block detail The quilting is simple… more straight lines.  The backing is also simple, another IKEA fabric (part of a 100% cotton duvet cover).

quilt back

All finished off with  some purple binding.

quilt binding

I know this binding is a little crazy but I was out of solid navy fabric, which is my usual go to binding for a rainbow quilt. But now I have excuse to go shopping.  YIPPEE!

Briar Rose wip Wednesday

This week I finally got up the courage to cut into my bundle of beautiful Briar Rose fabric.   I wanted this fabric soooo much that I saved up my money and  pre-ordered a 1/2 yard bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics… something I had never done before.

Briar Rose fabric bundle

The bundle has then sat, untouched, on my quilting desk.  I would occasionally pat it or rearrange the fabrics but I could not find the perfect block to inspire me to pick up my rotary cutter.

Fast forward to last weekend when I got a fabulous email from Katie at SwimBikeQuilt.  I had won a prize during her 100 Quilts for Kids campaign… and the prize was three pattern from the fabulous Red Pepper Quilts.  Needless to say there was much excitement and shouting and dancing around the house.  I had been eyeing up Rita’s Labyrinth pattern for a while and was so excited to receive a copy of it in my pattern bundle.  I now had the perfect Briar Rose pattern.

fussy cut modern quilt block

The pattern is so easy to follow and so fun to make.  I have been having a blast cutting up my stash, laying out the block bits and choosing what fabrics goes where.

Briar Rose Block 3

It is a refreshing break for me to be using just one line of fabric… no wading through scrap bins…. no huge piles of fabric in one particular colour.

Briar Rose block 2

Instead there is just a bundle of pretty on the cutting table and a yard or two of Kona Snow.  Not a piece of paper in sight. (my printer is taking a bit of a rest).

Briar Rose block 1Though I must admit that my blocks are not as perfect as they would be if I was using a paper pattern, I love them none the less.  I am embracing the fun of making these blocks, enjoying the beauty of the fabric line and relishing the thrill of doing something a little outside my comfort zone.

Quilts for kids

I can not believe that we are already 13 days into September… this month is going way to fast for me.  I have Bee blocks to do and quilts to finish and not a sewing elf in sight.  Augh!

As September is slipping away I bustled this week to get a couple more quilts finished for the 100 Quilts for Kids project.  I raided my pile of unfinished/nearly finished quilts and found two that I could easily complete without too much sweat, and that would be kid suitable.

Scrap spiderweb quilt

The first quilt is my scrappy spiderweb quilt, which has been sitting waiting to be completed for over a year.

spiderweb quilt detail 2

I really put a dent in my scrap pile with this little beauty.  Lots and lots of different fabrics which means lots of “I spy” potential.  It is a really fun quilt.

spiderweb closeup

The other quilt I finished this week is a quick and easy wonky star quilt.  I must admit wonky stars are my all time favorite “go to” quilt if I have to get something done in a hurry.

easy kids quilt

For this quilt I used a darling fussy cut novelty fabric for the center piece and then bright scraps for the star points.  Most of these scrap triangles were left over from my “sparkle punch” wonky star quilt.

wonky star quilt detail

To back the quilt I used some bigger pieces from the same fabric range by Jone Hallmark.

wonky star quilt back

Both these quilts side by side you can see which one I spent days and days making and which one was done in a few hours.  In the end both will be loved and treasured in equal measure, I hope.