Constellation crosses

In a moment of crazy at the end of last year I decided that I would not start any new projects in January or February this year.  I have so many wips and unfinished quilt tops I thought I needed to do something to clear the backlog.  This “resolution” saw me pulling out some old unfinished blocks this week and getting this quilt top done…

Constellation quiltI actually started making these blocks in March of last year.   I had made a 4 inch paper pieced version of this block for the PMQG medallion and then blew the pattern up to 6 1/2 inches to play with. There is a link on my original post to the free paper piecing pattern in two sizes (4 and 6 inch) in you are interested.

Constellation crossesSo this week I made a pile more blocks and this morning finally got them all wrangled into a top.

lots of crossesThe quilt uses the wonderful Constellation range by designer Lizzy House.  I love the fun bright fabrics that Lizzy makes and though I was late to discovering her fabrics, I have been hoarding and using them for a couple of years.  I do not think there is a quilt I have made in the last year or so that has not had Pearl Bracelets in it somewhere.

constellation blocksThis range is all about stars and fun Constellations, but you could easily use this pattern in any fabric range…the trick is to make sure you have a nice contrast in your blocks and that you embrace the light and dark fabrics from the range.

Constellation quilt detailTo really up the contrast with this top I also pulled in some solid white fabric as well as the white on white Pearl Bracelets.  I also did not shy away from adding a touch of red/purple.  One of the fabrics in the line had a touch of this colour and I thought I would embrace it…just a little.  I used the design rule of three and added three blocks with the purple.

constellation block detailI just love how the quilt seems to sparkle and your eyes are forced to move around the top.    Now all that is left for me to do is remove the paper and quilt this sucker up!

paper removalI am linking up today to Crazy Mom Quilts Friday Finishes.

Rolling Chocolate block…

Today’s paper piecing Monday block has the best name EVER… yep today I present to you the Rolling Chocolate block…

rolling chocolate blockThis is one of my favorite blocks and not just because it has the word chocolate in the title (though that really does help).   I love how the block double frames the fussy cut print.

So here is what you need:

block componentsFour WQ Simple square block and four chocolate block components.  Then a center block, fussy cutting is, of course, optional!

block layoutThe blocks layout with your 4 1/2 inch square in the middle.  For this block you can easily remove the paper from the block components before you sew everything together, if you are so inclined.

chocolate block 2And again there are so many variations that you can do with this block.  I have an extra large version of this block underway, and will share the pattern and results when it is done.

Starflower Quilt block

For today’s Paper Piecing Monday block I did something a little different.  The block still uses the simple square block, but only one…

Starflower block..and yes kitties are still involved.  It follows the rules of the other vintage blocks – 9 patch of four-inch blocks blah blah blah…

componentsThe components of the block are…one (1)  WQ Simple square block, four (4) Triangle blocks and four (4) Starpoint component blocks.  Just click on the links to get the PDF of the patterns.

Starflower block 2So what did I do different…. I blew this block up to make a 21 inch block.

solid quilt block

As the local hospital was now requesting 42 inch square quilts, I thought this would be a great way to make a quick and easy baby quilt… and I was right.

simple modern baby quiltMy quilt is unbound, but you get the idea.  Simple pattern, bright solids and you have an easy quilt.  The pattern components are the same but just 7 inches instead of 4…XL Triangle component and XL Star component and of course XL Simple Square component.



Kitty Corner Paper Piecing Monday

For today’s paper piecing Monday I present the kitty corner block….

Kitty corner quilt blockAnd yes that is a kitty in the center of the Kitty Corner… I could not resist.   The pattern is another simple square nine patch block, have I mentioned I am obsessed?

To make this block all you need is the 4 1/2 inch simple square pattern (WQ Simple square block) and the Kitty corner component.

block partsI was a little stuck on putting a kitty in the block, so my alternative block layout is not too much different…

kitty cornder block 2But I think there are more exciting possibilities if you are not cat or fussy cut focused.  I would love to see a block with no white space – with a pattern fabric as the background. Maybe if I get time….

Joy Bell Block paper piecing style…

Last week saw the start of my new obsession… 12 inch classic blocks that use a simple square block.  This week I have been playing with another block which I have seen called Joy Bell, Salem and St Gregory’s Cross to name just a few….

joy bell quilt blockThis block is another easy one to put together.  You will need…

block componentsAll these components are 4 1/2 inches unfinished and you can find the pattern for the arrow blocks here….arrow block.  And of course the wonderful simple square, which will be in all the blocks here..WQ Simple square block.

When you have made the components the block is easy to put together, row by row.

block layout.When I was researching I found so many variations on this pattern… the simple layout above was usually called Joy Bell, and I also made a block using the layout referred to as a Salem block…

Salem quilt blockThere are so many possibilities with this block, so to help with the “playing” process I made a colouring sheet (joy bells color sheet), so that you can come up with your own combinations.  Download the sheet, grab some colour pencils and go to work…