Here is to a quilty 2016….

Like so many others I have spent the last couple of days pondering 2015 and looking forward to 2016.  My hope for the coming year is to quilt more, visit the ER less, clear most of my huge pile of WIPs and get this blog re-designed.  To get things started I made a list of my work in progresses… which promptly freaked me out.

I have 11 personal quilts needing quilting including Starry Night …

starry night detail 6

and two of my curved quilts…

curve top detail

I have 9 piles of blocks that need to be made into tops including finding something to do with this collection of blocks…

Starflower block

There are also two Do Good Stitches quilts in need of quilting…

Resizing blocks

and a pile of PMQG quilt blocks that need to be made into tops.  I was so overwhelmed by the task ahead I decided to go to my “happy place” and made some more Hodge Podge blocks….

So for the New Year I have added another six inch star to the collection…

eight pointed star block

This block was is called the Eight Pointed Star in the old catalogs and I see this block as the great grand mother of the wonky star blocks I love so much.  You can find the free pattern for this star here….eight pointed star pattern.

I am now heading back to into the fray and hope to get a couple of quilts basted today.  I made a pledge not to start any new projects for all of January…. I am just going to focus on getting some things finished.  Wish me luck!

Remember me….

First of all I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season.  I managed to take an unexpectedly long break over this Christmas period… and I am sorry I went radio silent for so long. It was not my intention but life has a wonderful way of throwing you curve balls…. and this curve ball involved me managing to get extreme Vertigo.   The year is going out with a bang for sure!

Anyhoo I have manged to get my act together enough to bring you another Hodge Podge block for Paper Piecing Monday….

christmas star quilt block

This is my Christmas star…and though a little late, I hope you will still have some fun with this pattern.  I love have made quilt a few different stars using this shape, and I love this simpler version, which works well at the small 6 inch size.  If you would like the pattern, the free PDF can be found here….christmas star pattern

As I am now that I seem to have a handle on the dizziness I am hoping to get back to a more regular posting schedule…. until the universe finds another fun malady to thrown at me!!!

Laced Star Hodge Podge…and a winner….

My little break from blogging has had quite an effect on me….I got into some bad habits and need to get back into the swing of posting….  Paper Piecing Monday seems to be very ingrained in my process but the rest needs some work.

So without further ado here is today’s pattern, the Laced Star….

laced star block

I really like this pattern, and not just because I have a thing about paper pieced stars!  The traditional colouring of this block gives the star a different look….


….giving the star some lovely movement.  You can find the free paper piecing pattern for this 6 inch block here… laced star pattern

And the last order of business is to let you know the winner of the Glass Half Full bundle was Wendi who was chosen by the very scientific method of my husband picking a number between 1 and 151 and that numbered comment won.  Very high-tech I know.

Paper Piecing Monday’s Hodge Podge sampler…

For a month or so I have been thinking about what I wanted to do for the next Paper Piecing Monday series, and I finally decided I wanted to do a sampler quilt.  Now there are lots of different sampler quilts/patterns/books out there, The Farmers Wife, Dear Jane, the Women of the Bible as well as more modern samplers like Tula Pink’s 100 City Sampler and Elizabeth Hartman’s Patchwork City.

I looked at all my options and made two key decisions… I wanted to got traditional and I did not want to do all the half square triangles that are involved in most of the Farmers Wife/Dear Jane etc. blocks.  So I pulled out some of the reference books I have and trawled through the online copy of the Ladies Art Company Quilt Pattern Book of 1898 (you can check it out here).

So my new adventure will be mainly paper pieced interpretations of very traditional blocks…where I can I will give you the name or names the block goes by as well as any different layouts for the block pieces…with a few of these traditional blocks different fabric placement gives you a completely different block and block name.    All the blocks will all be 6 inches square finished.

So to start I give you my version of the Arkansas Snowflake…

arkansas snowflake block

You can find the free paper pieced pattern for this block here….Arkansas snowflake pattern.

I will be posting more blocks throughout the coming weeks…and not just on Mondays… so stay tuned.

More red white and blue…

As July comes to an end so does my red, white and blue pinwheel blocks….

Fireworks pinwheel block

I mixed the colouring up this week and I love the red background…I hope it works with the other blocks being made for the Quilting Bee…

fireworks pinwheel pieces

There is another fun way to make this block, which gives you a very different looking block…still with a lot of movement in it.

colour alternative

If you would like to use the free pattern just download the PDF by clicking the link…Fireworks Pinwheel Block.