Free Paper Piecing Patterns

Below is links to free paper piecing patterns I have designed or used to make quilts on this site.  Just click on the picture of the pattern you are interested in and it will take you directly to the pattern, either on this site or on outside sites.

Some of the patterns are JPEGs that you can just pull off to your desktop and others are PDF’s that you can download.  Have fun with them.  Create beautiful things.

butterfly block 1
Butterfly block by Lillyella
paper pieced star pattern
Star String Paper Pieced pattern
grey white block
Atlantic Sea by Quilters Cache
square in square modern scrap quilt block
Square in Square Paper Piecing Block
modern scrap quilt take on gretchen block pattern
Gretchen block by Quilters Cache
WQ chocolate shoo fly block
Fly Foot 2 block by Quilters Cache
paper piecing pattern stick something in the middle quilt block
In the Middle Paper Piecing Pattern
paper piecing night & day quilt block in modern grey & green
Night and Day block by Quilters Cache
hunter star block pieces
Hunters Star by Quilters Cache
paper pieced flying geese mini block
Mini Flying Geese Block by Wombat Quilts
Ellens Snowball block
Ellens Snowball by Wombat Quilts
pinwheel snowball quilt block
Pinwheel Snowball by Wombat Quilts
Cactus Snowball block
Cactus Snowball by Wombat Quilts
Spikey Snowball
Spikey Snowball by Wombat Quilts
free paper piece pattern
Snowballs and Stars by Wombat Quilts
Fireworks pinwheel block
Fireworks Pinwheel block by Wombat Quilts
special spin block
Special Spin Block
fractured star
Fractured star by Wombat Quilts
free pape pieced pattern
Stripey Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper pieced star block
Turning Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper piecing pattern
Alternating Star by Wombat Quilts
8 inch paper pieced star
Inner Star by Wombat Quilts
lonely star quilt block
Lonely Star block by Wombat Quilts
modern scrap star quilt block
Sunny Star block by Wombat Quilts
8 inch star quilt block
Nick’s Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper piecing block
Star petal by Wombat Quilts
swirling star quilt block
Swirling Star by Wombat Quilts
WQ Sharp Star
Spikey Star by Wombat Quilts
Starrry Night block 1
Starry Night block by Wombat Quilts
Triforce star
Triforce Star by Wombat Quilts
stamp star
Stamp Star by Wombat Quilts
Straight star block
Straight Star by Wombat Quilts
Twisting Star block
Twisting Star by Wombat Quilts
fan star
Fan Star by Wombat Quilts
Crest star
Crest Star by Wombat Quilts
opgivewarmth may block 3
ET Phone Home by Lily’s Quilts
WQ House block 2
WQ House Block No. 2
House quilt block
WQ House Block No. 1
free paper pieced star block
Atomic Star by Wombat Quilts
free paper piecing pattern
Lost Geese Block by Wombat Quilts
Neon squares block
Neon Square block by Wombat Quilts
WQ Neon Block 2
Neon snow ball block by Wombat Quilts
paper pieced star block
Neon Star by Wombat Quilts
paper pieced star block
Starry Night 8 inch block by Wombat Quilts
paper pieced star
Twinkle by Quilting on the Square
free paper pieced star block
Diamond in the rough by Quilting on the Square
Starry night Cactus Compass block
Cactus Compass block by Quilting on the Square
paper pieced star quilt block
Rolling Star Pattern by Quilting on the Square
Paper pieced fox block
Paper pieced fox from Forest QAL
modern scrap paper pieced star
Penny Lane by 627Handworks
Paper pieced block
Icky thump by 627Handworks
Free paper piecing star block
Global Concepts by 627Handworks
modern paper piecing star block
Mercury Block by 627Handworks
free paper piecing pattrn
Zeppelin paper piecing pattern by 627handworks
Garfunkel paper pieced quilt block
Garfunkel paper piecing block by 627Handworks
bright modern paper pieced block
Bowie paper piecing pattern by 627Handworks
final paper piecing star  block
Feathered Compass block by Quilting on the Square
red aqua paper piecing star quilt block pattern
Flying Home by Quilting on the Square
paper piecing star block 1
Spinning Points by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua free
Celebration by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua free pattern
Kaleidoscope by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua
Wheel of Fortune by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua
Compass of many colors by Quilting on the Square
Paper piecing star pattern red aqua modern free
Holiday Compass by Quilting on the Square
finished paper piecing star block
Snow Crystals Star by Quilting on the Square
Paper Piecing star 2
County Fair Compass by Quilting on the Square
paper piecing star block 1a
Which Way North by Quilting on the Square

249 thoughts on “Free Paper Piecing Patterns

  1. Thank you! I have been dabbling in patch work and quilting for nearly a year and just decided to try some paper piecing and can’t believe how lovely these patterns will be to start with. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for all of the patterns! I want to start a batik star quilt after the holidays, your patterns will be an awesome help.

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  4. SO amazing! Question: I have only started English Paper Piecing recently, by hand with hexagons. Can I do the same with these patterns (leaving the paper in and folding/basting the edges)? Your work is seriously beautiful!

  5. They are all so beautiful I don’t know which one to pick. I am in need of the 12 1/2 inch blocks as an exchange with my secret pal at my guild. Thank you so much for your website.

  6. Love your patterns; just started paper piecing & am working with silk which I have to stabilize (yawn) but the blocks make beautiful little tableaux which I am then attaching to canvas for wall hangings. These are the nicest free patterns I’ve seen & better than some of the ones I’ve paid for too! Big thanks……

  7. Thank you , thank you for sharing so many star patterns!!!!. I am starting a queen size Mariner’s Compass/Star quilt and am using so many of your free patterns. Thank you!

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  9. I tried to download the Penny Lane by 627Handworks but I get a message it can’t be found. Could you please assist me in downloading this pattern? Thank you.

  10. You have an amazing body of work here! I love paper piecing, so I don’t have to tell you how much I love all your blocks! Fantastic!

  11. So here we go… starting down the line. Decided I’m making them in order! Wish me luck (this first one will be my 5th ever made paper pieced block) Yikes!

  12. Newbie to quilting and wanting to explore the world of paper piecing. Thanks so much for sharing your patterns. Sale at the local fabric store this weekend…..need I say more? 😉

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  15. I just wanted to say that it is amazing all the patterns you have the goodness to share. I love browsing your site. And I follow you on flickr. Thanks for taking your time for all you do, the blog, the patterns, the quilting, the flickring.

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, though I must admit I just love quilting and sharing the amazing patterns that are out there on the internet. I love helping people make pretty things!

  16. Hi! I am a newbies newbie! LOL Love, Love, Love all your patterns. I am making a Texas block quilt, just coming up with different blocks and was wondering if there was a Paper Piecing Pattern for a North Star Block. I haven’t found one and I know that if there is…you would have it. Thanks so much for all you do and for any help you can give me on the north star.

  17. I will try to upload it from the book I have. It is Quilt Blocks on American Barns by Eleanor Burns. Just really pretty I think. Thank you so much for your help. My daughter is the computer geek so I will see if she can help me. I just love your patterns!

  18. Hello Cath,

    I am vice president of the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild, Santa Rosa, CA

    I’m also in charge of the Block of the Month program for a second year.

    This year I’m doing paper piecing (check the website if you like and look under Block of the Month in the tool bar) …

    I’ve been having great fun creating the patterns.

    Looking at your website, I could not find any reference to the use of your WQ patterns other than private use.

    By any chance could I use one of your patterns for the BOM program? Of course I will give you full credit for the pattern. Also, if you look under Friendship Blocks, you will see pictures of star blocks made for Jim Jensen (me); when I put out the request for the blocks, I referred to your blog, and you’ll notice several that were made with your patterns.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Jim Jensen

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  21. I am blown away by the number of free paper piecing blocks that you offer here. They are incredible, and your color sense is just plain AMAZING! I love all of them! I can’t decide which one to do first! Thank you for your generosity.

      • Teresa I just opened and downloaded the pattern without any problem. If you are still having issues I will talk to Julie and see if she will let me just send you the PDF. So let me know if you still can not make it work, and in the meantime I will reach out to Julie about sending you the PDF.

  22. i googled paper piecing and chose this website first. I have made my grandchildren quilts and only two grandchildren left to do. (5 so far) . My next is 17 yrs old just started college. he is an avid sportsman. hunts fishes football wrestling. I was sort of considering paper piecing bears, deer, fish trees I don’t know im not sure. do you have any patterns for wildlife or something along those lines? I went to a class or two on quilting in general and I did one small paper pieced Christmas tree. its not easy in a way but I would be willing to try it. i’m thinking a full/queen size quilt. any suggestions?

  23. Hi…I love your choice of fabric..hope to be able to better in my future..I am looking for a large sun surrounded with rays…have you ever seen one. Anyway, this site is a keeper…blocks excit me.

  24. I came across your website while doing an paper piecing search. I have to say that these are my favorite patterns, hands down. We have a similar sense of color. I just love bright colors! Thanks for all the free patterns. I will definitely be making some of these.

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