Some Random block fun…

I am desperately playing catch up on my Bee blocks and other projects that have been sitting around too long.

First up I have caught up on my Do.good.stitches blocks which included this fun ditty…

pinwheel blockA wonderful wonky pin wheel.  The pattern is from Greenleaf Goods who have a great tutorial on their site.  It was a fabulous scrap buster and I am looking forward to doing my own version.

Pinwheel blocksThe other do.Good.stitches block that I have just finished up is the fabulous Granny Square block by Blue Elephant Stitches.

Granny Square 1I have made this block a couple of times but love the instructions that my fellow Bee member added… Heather told us to make the white squares extra long… we added 3/4 of an inch to the pattern.  This extra wiggle room makes trimming the block so much easier than the original pattern.

Granny square 2We also used 3 inch blocks instead of 2 1/2 inch squares and I am now fired up to use some of my 3 inch square scraps to make more of these blocks.  But first I have to finish my original Granny Square quilt.

My Granny Square quilt is still on my 2014 To Do list but this week I did make some progress on the list … I am determined to finish my Denyse Schmidt Zakka flower quilt.  I have made the last of the blocks…

Zakka flower blockAnd now I am onto sashing.  I am hoping to have the top done for a Finish Friday… really hoping.

And of course because it is Wednesday I am linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced..

Tula Pink Friday

This week I managed to get my Tula Pink quilt basted, quilted and bound.  Yipee.  This quilt has been a work in process since May last year…I would do a few blocks here and there when the mood took me, till I had 30 blocks ready to go.

quilt top snowI actually got the quilt top finished during the snow storm a few weeks ago but it took me another couple of weeks to get her basted and then quilted.  I am beginning to notice that I am not as fast to baste and quilt as I am to piece.  Okay I admit it I love to piece quilt tops…quilt them, not so much.  Anyway I soldiered through and this was the result….

Tula pink quiltI love the blocks and that Tula Pink City Sampler blocks are a great project to dip in and out of.

quilt detail 2Some of the blocks are really simple and easy, others a little more complex.  I did not do some of the crazier blocks in the book…I am leaving those to the next quilt…

quilt detailWhen it came time to quilt my top up I decided to got with a light grey thread for quilting.  In hindsight I maybe should have stuck with white as the quilting is really highlighted which creates two issues for me…

1.  It distracts from the pretty blocks I think…and

quilting detail2.  It highlights that my quilting may not be completely straight.

Favourite blockIt was a huge learning experience for me and I think the quilt still looks cute, despite my missteps.  It is backed with some lovely Lotta Jansdotter fabric from her “Echo” line.

quilt backingAnd hand bound with two different Kona cotton pinks… scraps I had left over from another project.

Tula pink bindingI am definitely making a blue version of this quilt so I can do more blocks from the book and so I can slip in the Tardis block.  I will take what I learnt from this quilt and apply it wisely.


Simple, easy, quick and fun

Monday night my husband decided to abandon me for some fun and games with some of his friends.  I was a little excited to have the night to myself and decided that I wanted to try to finish a quilt top in a night. I found the perfect fabric for my plan, some 1/2 yard cuts of three prints from Michael Miller’s “Les Monsieur” I bought a couple of months ago.

fabric detail

Using this fabulous print from the collection as my focus,   I pulled supporting green and blue fabrics,  tone on tone white and some mustaches from my stash and got to work.

Les Monsieur fabric

I cut strips from my stash fabric and fussy cut the Les Monsieur fabric and hours later I had this…

simple kids quilt

It was a fun and somewhat liberating experience making this quilt.   Once I knew my colour scheme and had some of the main prints fussy cut it was an easy process of putting blocks together.  Other than trimming your blocks to size (I used my 9 1/2 inch square ruler) you do not have to worry too much about precise measuring.

Les Monsieur quilt top detail 3

The fussy cut centers are different sizes, as are the borders surrounding them.

Les Monsieur quilt top detail

I did make sure there was a good balance of blues and greens in the blocks in the top…

Les Monsieur quilt top detail 2

…as well as some dark tones to make things pop – I used a dark blue print and a nice Kona brown solid for this purpose.

Les Monsieur quilt top detail 4

I also made sure that there was plenty of white bordered blocks to help the contrast.  And voila… a quilt 45 inch square quilt top made in a night!

As it is Friday I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish It Up Friday and Forth Worth Fabric’s Fabric Frenzy Friday.

Colour Play Girly Style

This week I went totally girly with my colour play.  I love pink and love using pink…

Example One…

finished triangle quilt detail 2

Example Two…

blush quilting detail

Example Three…

Bright easy kids quilt made with pink and yellow fabric.

Example Four…

tual pink quilt top

I could go on but I think you get the picture… so this weeks challenge was to try a new pink combination, one that I was a little different from my norm.  The end result was this totally girly fabric pull…

pink purple fabric bundles

Which when combined with a simple spiderweb pattern from Quilters Cache became this 12 inch block…

Totally girly wheel block

Which, when joined with other spiderweb blocks begins to look like this…

Pink purple block

Totally deliciously pretty I think, but I am a little biased!

Rocking my wonky world…

A couple of weeks ago I spent a very fun day at the monthly PMQG Charity Sew meet up.  The event is held at the fabulous Modern Domestic (my new home away from home) and I got to spend many happy hours sewing on a beautiful Bernina 560.  In a day of wonderfulness the most amazing thing was having my wonky star world rocked by  one of my fellow PMQG sewers, Cherri.

Wonky Stars have been a fun staple in my sewing repertory for a while.  It is s a quick and easy way to make fun kids quilts and if you peruse my “Finished Quilt” tab you will see a few of them in there.  So for years I have been cutting out my 5 inch squares, using my scraps to make star points and calling it good… but no longer. Here is how the new wonky stars block goes…

1.  Take eight 5 inch x 5 inch squares of your background fabric… in this case various whites and creams.

5 inch square whites

2.  Grab a pile of scraps in your colour scheme…for this exercise red.

pile of red scraps

3.  Sew random fun bits of scraps together to make a squarish shape, making sure that it is a bit bigger than 5 inches square.   Anything goes at this point.  You can fussy cut…wonky log cabin or just improv.  Then trim your random scrappy square down to 5 x  5 inches.

trim center block

4.  Make four points to you star using the 5 x 5 inch background squares as your foundation and larger scraps for the star points.  Trim as needed to get a 5 x 5 inch square.

trim star points

5.  Sew the block pieces together – 4 plain corner pieces, 4 star point pieces and your fabulous scrappy center piece.

laying out the block pieces

6.  For an added extra bit of wonky fun at the Sew Day we then trimmed our blocks down to 12 1/2 inches square.  This step allowed us to put the stars a little off center and added another element of randomness to the layout.  The blocks work just as well trimmed down to 14 x 14 inches too.

trimming the star

And voila you have a fabulous wonky star with a scrappy center piece.

wonky star block

I can not believe I did not think of this technique myself.  It is genius and the best way to use those little bits of fabric in your scrap bin.  It was such a fun exercise this week to take all the wonky stars everyone made at the Sew Day and put them together into one loud, fun, wonky top.

wonky stars quilt top

There is a combination of solid centered stars and scrappy centered stars in this top and I think it works nicely.

charity wonky star detail

And every star is so very very different.  There was a lot of fun techniques used for the scrappy centers…

charity wonky star 2

Because it is a kids quilt we went with bright colours, novelty prints and lots of fussy cutting.  My favorite block is scrappy and fussy cut…

favourite block

The finished top is 60 x 60 inches square and the next step is to find a fabulous PMQG member to quilt this beauty, or maybe we can throw it on the long arm at our next Charity Sew Day.