Quilts for kids

I can not believe that we are already 13 days into September… this month is going way to fast for me.  I have Bee blocks to do and quilts to finish and not a sewing elf in sight.  Augh!

As September is slipping away I bustled this week to get a couple more quilts finished for the 100 Quilts for Kids project.  I raided my pile of unfinished/nearly finished quilts and found two that I could easily complete without too much sweat, and that would be kid suitable.

Scrap spiderweb quilt

The first quilt is my scrappy spiderweb quilt, which has been sitting waiting to be completed for over a year.

spiderweb quilt detail 2

I really put a dent in my scrap pile with this little beauty.  Lots and lots of different fabrics which means lots of “I spy” potential.  It is a really fun quilt.

spiderweb closeup

The other quilt I finished this week is a quick and easy wonky star quilt.  I must admit wonky stars are my all time favorite “go to” quilt if I have to get something done in a hurry.

easy kids quilt

For this quilt I used a darling fussy cut novelty fabric for the center piece and then bright scraps for the star points.  Most of these scrap triangles were left over from my “sparkle punch” wonky star quilt.

wonky star quilt detail

To back the quilt I used some bigger pieces from the same fabric range by Jone Hallmark.

wonky star quilt back

Both these quilts side by side you can see which one I spent days and days making and which one was done in a few hours.  In the end both will be loved and treasured in equal measure, I hope.

Another log cabin done and dusted…

I managed to get my Blush log cabin quilted and bound this week.  I am so thrilled with how this quilt finished up and can not wait to see how it washes.

scrap log cabin quilt

I quilted Blush using the diagonal lines of the log cabin block as a guide.   I love how the how this simple quilting adds extra interest to the log cabin.

blush quilting detail

I must admit I am looking forward to trying some of the free-motion techniques I learned last week at the PMQG Meet Up, but I have a few weeks before my wrist is up for the challenge.  So the next few quilts will involve straight lines in some shape or form and in the meantime I will do my free-motion exercises in my new graph paper note-book.  As instructed by Rachel (of 2nd Ave Studios) I will be using pen only for the doodling. No erasing.

blush quilt detail 2

I found the perfect fabric piece in my stash for the back of this quilt – the Weekend by Erin Morris fabric worked perfectly with a little bit of pink supporting fabric.

blush quilt back

The final touch was a solid binding in Magenta which just bought the whole quilt together.

quilt bindingNow I am just a few stitches away from finishing my Yummy quilt so it is back to the sewing machine.

I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and TGIFF.

Revisiting blush – WIP Wednesday

A month or so ago I pulled this stash of fabrics that I thought was lovely, soft and pretty (original post here).

fabric for blush block

The block I originally made with this fabric pull did not excite me as much as I would have liked.  Fast forward a month, and after working on  a collection of graphic, bright quilts, I wanted something different.  This is where I ended up….

scrappy log cabin block

I am loving how this quilt is coming together.  It is fabulously easy, fabulously scrappy and fabulously girly.

modern scrap log cabin block

It is being made almost completely from my scrap bin, and I have only had to cut some of the longer strips so far.   I have not been stressing at all about choosing the fabrics – I have full embraced just going with the first strip of fabric that I pull out of my pile.  It is very liberating.

blush log cabin detail

There is an “I Spy” element to these blocks which will make for a great baby/kids quilt.  I want to finish this one in time for SwimBikeSew’s 100 Quilts for Kids drive which started this week.

A very Pink wip Wednesday

This week I have been working my way through a friend’s copy of  Tula Pink’s “100 Modern Quilt Blocks” .  It has been a lot of fun.

I started by pulling some soft, pretty fabrics. It was the name, Tula Pink that made me want to go with this palette.  I pulled soft pinks, reds and greys including a handful of solids.

pile of fabric

Then I  worked my way through some of the patterns I had flagged.  One by one I selected the fabric, cut it, then sewed the block together.  It was a slow, deliberate process and I loved every minute of it.  I definitely do not have as much done as I would pre-cutting my fabric and working with just one pattern but this is a refreshing change of pace.

my work spaceMy work space is little more hectic as well, but I found a great use for my cookbook holder….

At the end of yesterday I had a nice little pile of blocks…

block pileHere are some of my favorite so far, using the books numbering system to name them.

Tula Pink 100 Modern Quilt blocks

Block 72

Tula Pink's 100 modern quilt block

Block 79

Tula Pink's 100 modern quilt block

Block 96

Tula Pink's 100 modern quilt block

Block 36

Block 12

Block 12

Tula Pink's 100 modern quilt block

Block 32

I have about 40 more blocks to go… this is another “on going project” that may take a while!

An abundancy of turquioise

This month there are a couple of resolutions in our house, that may or may not work.  Firstly my husband thought it would be a good idea if we did not eat any processed sugar during May.  I do not remember agreeing to this at all, but it seems that sugar is off the menu.  If the posts get erratic, the colours get to bright or I stop making sense, it is because I am suffering withdrawals.

The second resolution for May was to finish up more of the quilt tops I have floating around.   This resolution came about as I finished another two quilt tops this week and the pile of UFOs grew to an embarrassing level.  More quilting less piecing.  Combine this resolution with the other one and it could be an interesting month!

Anyway the two tops I finished up this week are both from the same pattern…. I blogged them originally here.  I used this pattern…

free square in square paper piecing pattern

..to make this quilt.

modern scrap square in square quilt

This was a fun scrap quilt to make – lots of turquoise, navy (my favorite colour) and pink/purple.  I really like this colour combination, which I stumbled across while playing with my piles of fabric.

quilt detail

The other quilt top I finished was my 1001 Peeps top.

1001 peeps quilt top

I was battling the wind when I was taking these photos.  It is the problem of photographing tops as opposed to full quilts – there is no weight to hold them in place in even a gentle breeze.

1001 peeps detail

It is another reason why I have to quilt these suckers before I post.  I see a lot of basting in my near future!