An interesting source of fabric

At Christmas my darling husband gave me a set of Munki Munki flannel pj’s.  Pajama giving at Christmas seems to be a very American tradition..but I have fully embraced it.  When I opened my Christmas package only one thing came to mind….this is going to make a wonderful quilt.

pjsFor those of you that are not familiar with the Munki Munki brand, their top designer was/is Heather Ross and collecting the pajama prints and using them for quilts is very popular amongst modern quilters.  This is of course what I tried to explain to the husband when he found me cutting up my pajama top.

Seriously how could I resist these darling gnomes…

fabric detailSo a flurry of fussy cutting ensued and my favorite “go to” block pattern, the wonky star, was employed….

star detailWhat was interesting about making the top in particular for me was that I used all flannel.  I had previously back several quilts in flannel…I love the soft finish particularly for baby quilts… but I had never pieced in it.

Munki quilt detailFor this top I used some flannel scraps a friend had given me and bought some more from my local quilt store… and I tried to use as much of the source pajama fabric as I could…including the sleeve and leg cuffs which were bright green.

green starMost of the flannel I used had a wrong and right side and it was at times tricky to tell which was which…. except for the Cloud 9 flannel which was beautifully thick and lush and was reversible.

sashing detailThe end result was this darling little baby quilt… and I love how soft and cuddly it is.

munki munki baby quilt

In the pink….

This week I am starting on a new paper piecing adventure.   It will not be a long one, but hopefully it will be fun.  The coming series of blocks is inspired by the impending arrival of a friends baby…

free paper piece patternYep they are having a girl…I wanted to do a quick, scrappy fun quilt for them using snowball blocks.    I have designed five 12 inch blocks for this quilt and for a change, I have an idea of what the final quilt will look like!

quilt block parts

This first block takes 48 pieces of fabric to make and as you can tell I full embraced the novelty print and pretty pink.  Just so that it did not get to sweet and girly I added some dinosaurs just for good measure!  You can find the free PDF pattern here….Pink ball one

I hope you will indulge me and my love of pink over the following few weeks as I work to get this quilt done!

Cross Stitch Sparkle Pattern Testing

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing some pattern testing for the fabulous Sara at Knottygnome.  The block I have been playing with is called Cross Stitch Sparkle…

hst quilt blockIt is a block made up of half square triangles, lots and lots of HST’s.  When I got the pattern I was umming and ahhing about what colours to do and what scraps to use… you know my usual style.  In the end I decided to do something completely different for me and go with solids.

cross stitch sparkle detailI used just Kona for the white fabric but I really raided my solids stash for the rest – there is Kona and Couture Cotton and Bella Solids and who knows what else in this block.

With Sara’s pattern she gives directions on two different ways to make HST’s.  I went with the version that makes 2 at a time because I wanted the colour variety and I was not making a huge quilt.

detailSara’s other directions make 8 HST’s at a time and would be very handy if you were making a full quilt out of this pattern.  Each block is 18 inches square so I made 4 blocks and called it good…

cross stitch sparkle topI now have a fabulous wall hanging or baby quilt…. I am not sure which one it is yet!   Sara’s pattern goes live next week on her website if you are interested.  The block is really easy and the resulting quilt top is striking.

I am linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.

Some low volume fun…

I have just manage to finish up one of two low volume quilts I have been commissioned to make… despite the universe conspiring against me getting a finish for Friday.

low volume quiltRecently I was asked to make two low volume quilts for some adorable twin toddlers… with the instructions to make sure there was lots of pink, green and purple and only a small hint of yellow or orange, if necessary.

low volume quilt detail eOkay I found it necessary to use a hint of orange just to include these adorable Heather Ross mice but other than that I stuck to the instructions.

low volume quilt detail bPulling the fabric stack was fun – the first round  was only fabrics with a white/cream background and then I went back and pulled out a couple of soft pastels.  I find low volume quilts some of the easiest to pull fabric for, because you are using fabric that reads as light but are not worrying too much about scale or style.

low volume quilt detail aAnd when in doubt there is always the quick trick of photographing your fabric and turning the photo black and white to see how the fabric reads.  I usually do this step when I have the blocks up on the design wall and always end up rearranging the blocks and sometimes removing a fabric or two altogether.

black & white fabric I of course had a fun time putting in as many novelty prints as I could…. because what kid quilt is completely without the ability to play “I Spy”.

low volume quilt backFor the back of the quilts I fully embraced pink… choosing some of my favorite fabrics to highlight, namely some Lizzy House “Catnap”.

low volume quilt backing detailI kept the quilting simple and went with a soft pink binding, in a shade just a little different from the backing solid and chose to attach the binding by hand.  I love the hand-made touch that hand binding gives to a quilt… those little stitches let the recipient know that the quilt was made with love.

low volume quilt bindingNow all I have to do is finish up the binding on the second quilt and they will be ready to send to their new owners.


Lost Geese Quilt top finished

This week I managed to get my “Shell logo” inspired flying geese quilt top finished.  By the time I had finished laying out this quilt top it had earned the name “Lost Geese”, can you guess why?

modern scrap flying geese quilt

Yep is it a little crazy… but kind of fun.  Lots of novelty fabric and fun stuff to make the eyes really explore the madness.

lost geese quilt detail cu

I had a lot of fun making the “geese” go all over the place. I love the lack of pattern or rhythm to the piecing (though it frustrated my husband a little).  Too really throw things into disarray I added a smattering of yellow triangles on a red background.  Chaos rules!

modern flying geese scrap quilt

I paper pieced these blocks as I love to have sharp clear triangles in my flying geese and paper piecing is the only way I personally can get that precision. My original post has a paper piecing pattern you can grab if you are interested in trying some geese.

back lit quilt detail

This top has been added to the pile that need basting.  I am going to see if I can convince my hubby to help me again this weekend to baste a quilt or two.