Paper Piecing Monday presents Garfunkel

Another Monday, another paper pieced block.  Yipee.  Today’s block is a little more complex than my last few, but is sooooo fabulous.  May I present Garfunkel…

Garfunkel paper pieced quilt block

When Julie at posted this block a couple of weeks ago I fell in love.  It took me a week or so to work out how I wanted to approach the block and what colours I wanted to use.  I ended up choosing red/pink combinations, but wanted to use so many more colours.  For the first time I was really really frustrated by this sampler quilt’s limited palette.    The FREE paper piecing pattern can be found here.

garfunkel block pieces

66 fabulous pieces to make this hexagon wonder.  I have already started planning how I am going to use this pattern again –  it is so effective and I am a little hexagon obsessed at the moment!

Have a great Monday.

Paper Piecing Monday

Welcome to this weeks installment of Paper Piecing Monday.  This week I add another block to my grey/bright sampler quilt from Julie at 627handworks.   May I present my version of Marley…

modern scrap paper pieced block

Now I am not sure that the scrappy approach worked with this pattern.  I think if I was to do it again I would go with a single fabric for the back ground – just so the colour popped more.

block pieces

I do love this block.  It is different from my usual stars and I think that this take on flying geese is really quit fun.  You can find the free Marley paper piecing pattern here.  I am really loving Julie’s patterns and so excited to try Garfunkel.

Just for fun I am linking up with “Let’s get Acquainted” which is being hosted this week at Heart of Charnwood.


A new quilting adventure – wip Wednesday

After a couple of weeks of being able to do nothing but hexies I desperately wanted to start a new quilt.  I do have a large number of quilts to finish but I just had to do something new to blow out the cob webs.

So last week when I was feeling better I started going through my Bloglovin feed and found two projects that I just feel in love with.  First there was Cari at There’s a Thread  fabulous tutorial for making a Palatina Pillow.  Then I found Amy at 13 Spools interview with Faith from Fresh Lemons, which included a photo of a wonderful poinsettia mini quilt (link here).   These two projects inspired me to make my own version.

paper pieced star pattern

Using Photoshop, I took different bits and pieces from some blocks I had scanned and played with their layout, shape, position and size.  The end result was this…

wombat star string block

Which with fabric sewn on it looks like this…

star arrow block piece

The block was designed as a  4 x 4 inch block, the size I usually work with,  but for this quilt I blew it up to 7 x 7.   Blowing it up was as easy as selecting “scale to page” on my printer and then trimming the block using my ruler’s 1/4 inch mark rather than the dotted lines.

For me this is the perfect block to be working on at the moment, as you actually have to plan out the quilt  little.  So I have pulled out my colour pencils and have been pre-marking my paper patterns, block by block.  To make this pattern work how I wanted,  you must have blocks that match up, hence the pre-colouring!   As I am still unable to sew for long stretches and this process allows me to take breaks and go slower than usual.

When I put the blocks I have done so far up on the design wall I realised that there was another influence at work… my hexies.

hexagon work in progress

I just can not seem to avoid them at the moment!

Gentle blush – wip Wednesday

This week I have been trying to get a few projects finished, but keep getting distracted.  My first distraction was this selection of fabric I pulled from my stash.

fabric for blush block

I have accumulated over the last couple of months a selection of apricot fabric, and I have been trying to find other fabrics to work with them.  I wanted something modern and fun so I chose a blush pink and a pink/purple, and this is what I decided to do….

soft simple quilt block

I love the colours but may re-think the block.  The center where the pieces join is bulky and  just a pain in the “you know what”. 

The other distraction the last week has been hexagons.  I have now made 52 hexie flowers and have been getting quite proficient at the process.   My hexie travel kit has been living in handbag and I pull it out when ever I can.  Geeky I know but it is working.

hexagon flowers modern bright

And the main thing that these activities have been distracting me from is finishing my pink and olive triangle quilt.  It is all cut and waiting sewing.   I have decided that today that is all I am going to do – no distractions, no new projects, no excuses.

work station

Wish me luck…. I think I am going to need it.

An abundancy of turquioise

This month there are a couple of resolutions in our house, that may or may not work.  Firstly my husband thought it would be a good idea if we did not eat any processed sugar during May.  I do not remember agreeing to this at all, but it seems that sugar is off the menu.  If the posts get erratic, the colours get to bright or I stop making sense, it is because I am suffering withdrawals.

The second resolution for May was to finish up more of the quilt tops I have floating around.   This resolution came about as I finished another two quilt tops this week and the pile of UFOs grew to an embarrassing level.  More quilting less piecing.  Combine this resolution with the other one and it could be an interesting month!

Anyway the two tops I finished up this week are both from the same pattern…. I blogged them originally here.  I used this pattern…

free square in square paper piecing pattern make this quilt.

modern scrap square in square quilt

This was a fun scrap quilt to make – lots of turquoise, navy (my favorite colour) and pink/purple.  I really like this colour combination, which I stumbled across while playing with my piles of fabric.

quilt detail

The other quilt top I finished was my 1001 Peeps top.

1001 peeps quilt top

I was battling the wind when I was taking these photos.  It is the problem of photographing tops as opposed to full quilts – there is no weight to hold them in place in even a gentle breeze.

1001 peeps detail

It is another reason why I have to quilt these suckers before I post.  I see a lot of basting in my near future!